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Thread: Win94ae: Practice Journal

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    Terrible Shooting

    I need to slow down and get a proper sight picture. I'll be slow, but hopefully a lot more accurate.

    The second volley was not using the sights at all, and I was a bit better.

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    Death Grip

    I figured it was the nature of self defense shooting to jerk the trigger, unlike when hunting with my 44mag. With the 44mag hold lightly and squeeze the trigger so slowly, it might take over 2 seconds.
    So I figured, if I am holding lightly, and jerking the trigger, the gun will pivot; unlike the AK, which is too heavy to make too much of a difference at 250 yards.

    Therefore, I am holding it tightly, and concentrating on grip tightness then sight picture.

    I seem to lighten my grip for the second shot; I think.

    That was better han yesterday.

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