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Thread: Win94ae: Practice Journal

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    Win94ae: Practice Journal

    I've wanted to make a practice journal on a firearms site, but only saw one that was actually enabled. Well, here I am.

    I'm mainly a self defense kind of guy, hand to hand training in many different disciplines over my whole life. I am also a hunter, precision shooter, gun enthusiast, and Patriot.
    Most of the content will be precision shooting with rifles, but I plan on precise shooting my Blackhawk to 250 yards+.
    I also plan on learning to run my AK, and striker fired 9mm, well enough to be useful. I can shoot about anything realitively precisely, but I'm no where near an "operator."

    As an example of my content, today's shot.

    This is simply precision shooting, as precise as I can expect with that rifle in those conditions. That is one shot. One shot because I will not get 2 shots on the deer, or whatnot. So I need to judge the wind correctly, know my elevation and whatnot; or I miss and have to contemplate why I missed. Good, quality practice; is better than bad, quantity practice.

    I plan on entering a "Head Hunter" match at my local range this spring. It is a 20 shot course, with ranges at up to 600 yards, hitting 6x9 to 12 inch steel targets. I'll be using my Howa 1500 30-06, it will be using the Hornady 178gr A-Max, over a stout load of IMR 4350. That load shoots snub-moa, and I've been proficient out to 600 yards consistently since the load was developed. I have a chance to do well, even though it will be the first time at a public range. I'll probably break every rule. :/

    Glad to have found this site!

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    Look forward to reading your updates man!
    i used to wannabe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    Look forward to reading your updates man!
    Thank you for the encouragement!

    ...I take a shot every day, no matter what the conditions; actually, explicitly for the differing conditions. Today happens to be a lot calmer weather, than yesterday. I'll not be posting every day, I just wanted to mention that aspect of my practice.

    The wind was fairly consistent, 2 to 3mph from 9 o'clock; I held left about 11 inches. If I hit that torso target, with this rifle, at that range, and shot difficulty; I'm satisfied. But I do expect to hit in the chest, and centered enough to kill the bad guy.

    As an aside: The bottle is there because; if I never put a bottle way out there, I'll never hit a bottle way out there. There is no shame in missing a small target, with a 30-30, at midrange distances.

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    Night Shooting

    From time to time I take a shot at night by the light of the moon, with my precision rifle. Since I was hunting, and the season was over, I decided to try a night shot without the moon, in the rain, and wind, with the muzzleloader at 200 yards. That was a kill shot.

    Unfortunately, all the deer I saw was too far to get a shot, and I could not get close enough... There is still bow season.

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    AK Quick Shot

    This is a drill I do with the AK, since it is my "fighting rifle" I don't want to shoot it as I would a hunting rifle.

    You can't see me as well as usual, but I stand with my back to the target, then turn and drop into the prone position, taking the shot as quick as I can accurately. I then get up and withdraw.

    I usually hit the chest at up to 250 yards, I usually take the shot 7 seconds after I start to move; that was about 6 seconds.

    I keep my sight set on 300 yards; at 100 to 200 yards, I hold 10 inches low. Anything above 300 I'll adjust the sight.

    That funky thing around the receiver is my brass deflector. When I practice rifle manipulations, I remove the deflector and use factory ammo.
    I know my POA/POIs for the tulammo I use, the load in the video, and my favorite load, which uses a cast 160gr spritzer.

    ...I intend to get an AR-10 to use as a fighting rifle, but this is what I have presently... But first, I need a "fighting pistol" worth carrying.
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    I'm not so good at kneeling, so I practice it at distances I feel I can hit the torso every time. I feel pretty confident at 225.

    But I'm usually ripping the dudes uniform. :/

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    Slow and Fumbling Pistol Handling

    I don't practice seriously with any of my handguns, because they really aren't what I want to use. Hopefully on a month or so I'll get a full size 9mm, and then I'll get some training and practice.

    I had been practicing with my Hi-Point 45acp defensively, but I don't think it is safe. So now I'll use the Mark III until I get a suitable pistol.

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    Carefully Aimed

    Once I get passed 300 yards, I need to use a carefully aimed shot, or I will most likely miss.

    At 350 Yards is where I need to adjust my sight. So for this shot I don't worry so much about being fast, just being accurate.

    This shot was in the prone position, magazine resting on the ground. I don't find that it causes a POI shift, than if I was resting it on, or holding it by the handguard.

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    This Load's Furthest

    I like seeing where my POIs are at 100 yard increments. At 250 yards, with the sight set on 3, I hit POA/POI. At 350 yards, with the sight set on 4, I hit a few inches lower. And now at 450 set on 5, it is maybe a foot low.

    It is probably traveling at "transonic" speeds around 400 yards; see how the "bullet trace" seems to dissapear at the very end of the bullet's path. I may see imprecision at further distances.

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    Leery of the 1911

    I am reconsidering my defensive handgun selection, I was thinking of the Canik TP9V2, but I think I want a safety. I don't like the thought of clothing getting in the trigger guard while holstering. So I am trying the Remington 1911 R1S, to see if I can shoot it relatively accurately, quickly.

    I have been point shooting with another pistol, and am experiencing some residual effects. At least I am relatively centered windage-wise.
    I haven't shot this pistol for a while, it felt totally foreign, and I was leery of handling it. I'll get used to it.

    This size pistol fits my hand best.

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