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Thread: A solution for illogical 10 rd mag limits

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    A solution for illogical 10 rd mag limits

    As discussed previously (, I have an unfortunate need for a new 9 mm carry pistol that meets the recent illogical firearms laws of California, but is accurate, reliable, robust, easily reloaded, and readily available.

    A potential answer to this vexing quest has arrived:

    The butt of the G19 was cut to accept reliable 10 rd G26 mags with the Pearce grip floor plate installed. Functional reliability remains unchanged. Unlike most grip reductions, the rearstrap was NOT shortened and remains the normal G19 length. When coupled with the Pearce grip floor plate, the pistols feel nearly identical to normal G19's; this allows a good initial grip and draw times to first shot on par with a normal G19. Reloads are just a touch slower than with a normal G19 and proved substantially easier and quicker than with a G26 or M&P9c. Note that in order to easily drop free, the Pearce grip equipped G26 mags required a minor modification to reduce the rear flare at the mag base; normal G17 and G19 magazines (see below) work perfectly with no modifications.

    The modified G19's remain quite accurate, as this 94-4x 10 round slow-fire off hand group fired in the wind and rain at 50 yards using Fed 147 gr AE9FP FMJ from an RMR06 equipped pistol nicely illustrates:

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    Doc you have to be one of the most creative, innovative, thinkers I know of. Hat tip to you sir.
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    Doc, I'm scratching my head here. Why not use 10rd G19 mags with a standard G19?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Dodson View Post
    Doc, I'm scratching my head here. Why not use 10rd G19 mags with a standard G19?
    Glock 10 round mags are not known for reliability...

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    Bingo--the neutered 10 rd Glock 9 mm magazines for the G17 and G19 don't work consistently and reliably as we documented in two previous tests and as even Glock themselves state in their Armorer classes.
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    Awesome solution Doc!

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    Add "Like a Viking" to your CV. This is a really smart response to the whole CA mag issue.
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    Brilliant. Who did the work?

    Okie John
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    Most of the allure (to me) of a Glock is the high capacity to size ratio.

    A Glock 19 is a chunky gun to carry and at ten rounds it loses it's edge for me.

    I'd look at a P239, PPS, or even a CCO size 1911.

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    How does it really effect your reloads?

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