View Poll Results: What is the largest CoC you can close with either hand individually?

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  • Guide ("G"): 60 lbs

    0 0%
  • Sport ("S"): 80 lbs

    2 3.28%
  • Trainer ("T"): 100 lbs

    9 14.75%
  • Point Five: 120 lbs

    4 6.56%
  • No. 1: 140 lbs

    14 22.95%
  • No. 1.5: 167.5 lbs

    14 22.95%
  • No. 2: 195 lbs

    13 21.31%
  • No 2.5: 237.5 lbs

    5 8.20%
  • No. 3: 280 lbs

    0 0%
  • No. 3.5: 322.5 lbs

    0 0%
  • No. 4: 365 lbs

    0 0%
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Thread: Captains of Crush Grippers: What's your grip strength?

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    Captains of Crush Grippers: What's your grip strength?

    What is the largest CoC gripper you can completely close, unassisted with each hand?

    Success means starting with the gripper in the single hand completely open and closing it only with the strength of that hand until the metal grips contact each other. Success needs to achieved with both the left and right hands individually to count. So, say you can close a #2 with your right hand for 1 rep but only a #1 for 10 reps with your left hand; then you'd vote for #1. Feel free to post more specific details.

    I've at times been preoccupied with my grip strength, or lack thereof, and how it is or isn't affecting my recoil control and other fitness goals. My local gym just put out some CoC grippers so I had a chance to play with them today. I was able to close the Sport ("S") for multiple reps with either hand, however, I was not able to close the Trainer ("T") for even one rep with either hand, even after ample rest.

    I'm curious what the average max crush grip strength is among proficient shooters. Of course, there may be more important metrics (weight held closed for certain duration of time, or while moving trigger finger freely, or some other testing equipment), but this is the first objective metric I've ever had access to.

    Any thoughts on this subject are welcome and appreciated.

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    Trainer. Have a hand me down #1 from my son I haven't closed yet. Lol
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    This video might be of interest

    I also made sure to do preventative exercises to help prevent over training.

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    These are the ones I got after I injured my shoulder and had to start from scratch. Probably lighter than any of the CoC.

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    I can barely close a #2 with my right hand. Not quite with my left.

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    Don't know. I have a trainer that I can get 15 reps with, but don't have a heavier one here.

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    I do sets of 10 with the trainer. I keep meaning to order a number 1.

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    I only own the Sports, and can close them fine, but if I do it about 5 times I'll definitely feel it in my hand and need to take a day off from them.

    Yes I am a pussy. I don't know how handy they are for me to increase my shooting potential, but I do use them to preemptively combat any gripping related injuries I may incur. Far more often I use a theraband and rubber bands for my fingers though.
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    The #2 is as far as I've gone with grippers. I get a lot of grip work from other stuff I do so I've never really been a gripper maniac.
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    If these are to shoot better, considering the potential for injury, I don't think the juice is worth the squeeze.

    Between dry and live fire, I get plenty of gripping practice.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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