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Thread: The world around you thread

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    "Gunfire covers up a multitude of sins."....@Baldanders
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    My foot's healed and we're hiking again! Every season has its beauty... including praying to Mother Treesa!

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    Took my mom up to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods.

    Does anyone like pineapple on their pizza guns?

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    Sabbaday Falls and gorge.

    Sabbaday falls by Chris, on Flickr

    Sabbaday Falls, NH by Chris, on Flickr

    Sabbaday falls downstream by Chris, on Flickr
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    "Gunfire covers up a multitude of sins."....@Baldanders
    2.0 compact 9mm

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    Blueberry picking out in the woods

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    The Texas Cross Timbers can’t match those dramatic landscapes, but here’s some shots from my little “ranch” near Jacksboro.

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    Recently returned from a long trip to Scotland with family. So many breathtakingly beautiful sights----here are just a few.

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    Hah, ubervic I was just there also, maybe we could have had a dram together.
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