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Thread: The world around you thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    View from work
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    One of my favorite things is being just high enough in hills to see light glint off of bodies of water.
    Welcome to Agincourt, Sir Chump.

    The sound of gunfire/ off in the distance/ I'm getting used to it now.

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    He will hold me fast
    He will hold me fast
    For my Savior loves me so
    He will hold me fast

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    Buddy and I did a Summits On The Air activation today at a summit on the VA/WV border. It was a 3.5 mile hike in each direction, mostly along a ridge line trail (Tuscarora Trail).

    One of the scenic views at about 1 mile in:
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    We hiked the entire ridge:
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    Our resident turkeys are getting big!

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    BBI: ...”you better not forget the safe word because shit's about to get weird”...
    revchuck38: ...”mo' ammo is mo' betta' unless you're swimming or on fire.”

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    I took a ride to the top of Snowbasin ski area to assist in documentation of their snow making system

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    -Seconds Count. Misses Don't-

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    My view right now.
    Airing out the very sweaty blaster after work.

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    Good judgement comes from experience.
    And experience? That comes from poor judgment.

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    Within the 300+ acres of the school that I work for, there is a family plot where the owner's family has been buried since early 1600.

    This grave struck me as amazing.

    An unknown child, who died some time in the 1680's, was buried here under an unmarked stone. The owner and the family have no idea the relation to them, except for the child is in the family plot. It grows every year, never gets larger or smaller, and stays green until almost the first snow flies, and all other vegetation has since died.

    A concentric ring of ferns grow around this grave, and nowhere else within the cemetery. I find it unbelievable and beautiful.
    This child must have very special.

    fairy ring by Christopher Weismann, on Flickr
    Good judgement comes from experience.
    And experience? That comes from poor judgment.

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    Just another day..

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    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCT125US View Post
    Just another day..

    I was a flagger in my youth. That really brings back memories.

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