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Thread: Tango Down Rules! See below for details:-)

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    Thanks so much for this, SLG.
    You can't glue glue to glue!

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    My thanks to both of you kind gentlemen.

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    Jeff is a good friend and I use a bunch of Tango Down stuff. He has always been a huge supporter of those in harms way and has jumped through many a hoop to help those folks out wherever he can. Great gear, great company.
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    Ordering a grip.
    US Navy Veteran

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    I've got some mags on the way. Thanks SLG!
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    Perfect timing. Thank you SLG and Tango Down.

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    Mags inbound

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    Thanks SLG, and Tango Down. Even though I won't be taking advantage of this sale, I'll still share my experience with previously purchase products.

    I've had three grips on my AR15, the stock A2, BG-16, and now the BG-18

    For the BG-16 I really liked the texture and the smooth front strap (no A2 numb,) but I couldn't get it completely flush with my receiver. (No fault of the product though.) The lip was small enough to visually tweak my OCD, but didn't effect how the grip worked at all.

    After shooting a friend's AR15 that had a more vertical pistol grip, I started looking into available options and then the release announcement for the BG-18 came out. I bought within the first week of it being available, and have be happy ever since. Great texture, smooth front strap, grip angle is more comfortable for me, and no OCD inducing lip. It's a real winner for me!

    Name:  TangoDown BG-18 20150416_174915.jpg
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    BRB buying mag releases for the Glocks I drunk-bought recently.
    I shot the PX4 before it was cool.

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    Just ordered a grip and 4 mags to use with my new Colt 6920 OEM. Shipped within minutes. Thanks SLG and Jeff.

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