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Thread: Tango Down Rules! See below for details:-)

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    Tango Down Rules! See below for details:-)

    Here's the deal. I spoke to Jeff Cahill, the BMOC at Tango Down. Jeff is a super good dude who has always supported our guys going in harms way, even at a loss to his bottom line. We met over 15 years ago, and he helped me with several projects at my old unit, from M4 to MK46. All he wanted was to make a product that worked, and he took all feedback, good or bad. Even when we broke his gear. He just then made it better. Since then, I've used his AR grips pretty much exclusively, as well as his buffer tube sling mount, and many other items. For the last year I have been running his Arc mags pretty hard and so far I have not had even a single stoppage with them. So, without further ado, Jeff has very graciously agreed to a forum discount code. The code is mildly embarrassing, but oh well, I didn't pick it.

    Per Jeff, "...from tomorrow until December 24th, they get 25% off their orders off our website.
    The discount code is SG-GOODGUY.

    Only thing is, they have to order before or after one of our normal Holiday sales, NOT during. The computer can’t determine between 2 discount rates online."

    My only stipulation is that if you like the gear you buy, I want to hear about it. If you don't like the gear you buy, I'd like to hear that too. Obviously some personal preference will come into play here, but you guys are all adults and know the deal.
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    I have a couple of carbines that could benefit nicely from some Tango Down love.

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    I love the ARC mags.

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    So I told SLG awhile ago that I would post a review and impression about the tango down grip after 1000 rounds and sadly haven't got around to it. I guess now is as good of a time as any. I have roughly a year and over 1350 rounds on my primary carbine using this pistol grip. Before that I had used a A2 grip in the USMC and then a BCM mod 1 or 2 grip on this same carbine for over a year.

    Things I noticed right away:
    1)I had more control over the gun. The way the grip is angled ensures that I get a high grip on the gun. I hadn't really thought my hand position mattered on a rifle but I noticed it right away when I either shot one handed, manipulated the gun for reloads or malfunction, and how the gun felt when "driving" it between targets.
    2)Fit and finish is what you would expect from a company like Tango Down.
    3) Higher up on the gun also made me feel like I was in more of a direct line with the trigger. I am not sure if that makes sense but I felt like I was getting more feed back from my trigger finger while shooting, especially during faster pace stuff.

    After a year, I purchased a second one and plan on staying with these two grips for the foreseeable future.

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    Very cool. I bought one when SLG mentioned it recently -- it's still in the box. I will put it on AR#2 and see if I like it, and then will take advantage of the code while I can.

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    Ordered some mags and the AR grip.

    And of course, a hat.

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    This is Awesomesauce!! Thanks SLG and thanks TangoDown!!! I hopefully will get t utilize this code for two new ar grips and maybe other goodies.
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    Can recommend Tango Down and Jeff Cahill very highly!!!
    Jeff has always gone out of his way to help LE and Military!
    Tango Down products are top notch!

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    SLG just spent my money.

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