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Thread: For Sale or Trade (FSOT) Forum Rules

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    For Sale or Trade (FSOT) Forum Rules


    You must be a Site Supporter in order to start new topics in the FSOT Forum.

    Include "WTB" "WTS" and/or "WTT" in your thread title (by selecting the appropriate thread prefix), along with a price for WTS ads. Indicate where you are located and what methods of payment you will accept in the body of the thread.

    No auctions or links to auction sites.

    Your ad will be locked out to all members except you - only you can post in your own ad.

    Do not "bump" your ad until 48 hours have elapsed.

    No more than three advertisements per member are allowed on the first page at any given time. Having more then three will lead to deletions, without notice - combine ads as best you can.

    All items for sale should be from your personal collection. Outside dealers must come to an agreement with Staff in order to sell inventory on this site.

    No group buys, unless you have written authorization from Staff.

    Once you have sold the item you are selling, edit the OP (click Go Advanced) and change the thread prefix to an appropriate value.

    In order to help keep FSOT listings current, threads with no activity in the last 3 months are subject to deletion without notice.

    If your Site Supporter membership expires, so do your posts in this forum and they WILL be deleted.

    DO NOT post links or otherwise litter the forum with mentions of your listing.


    Use PM or email to contact the original poster - you will not be able to post in their ad.

    If a seller has not acknowledged attempts to contact them via both PM and email for more than 48 hours, contact Staff.

    Fraudulent practices or attempts to defraud another person or group will lead to permanent banning.

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