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Thread: FULL F2SConsulting Practical Carbine/Pistol - Dec 17/18, 2011 - Beaver Falls, PA

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    FULL F2SConsulting Practical Carbine/Pistol - Dec 17/18, 2011 - Beaver Falls, PA

    F2SConsulting Practical Carbine/Pistol Course

    Instructor: Jack Leuba

    Date: December 17/18, 2011

    Location: Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club

    Cost: $300

    Class size: 4 - 12

    Instructor Bio: Involved in combat marksmanship and combat marksmanship training programs since 1999. Heavily involved in the creation and implementation of the USMC's Combat Marksmanship Program, as well as the Foreign Weapon Instructor Course. Worked for the UK MoD training specialized units in effective marksmanship techniques and close quarters battle. Deployed to several combat zones including HOA, Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan. One of the USMC's representatives for the SCAR program.


    • Serviceable rifle or carbine. May be any caliber from 5.45x39 to 7.62x63.
    • Sling. Must permit the long-gun to safely hang without requiring physical contact from the user.
    • (5) Serviceable Magazines. If using (20) round mags, bring (8).
    • (1,000) rounds of ammunition
    • Serviceable handgun. May be any duty caliber from 9x19 to .45 ACP
    • Holster. Drop, sub-load, belt, or vest-mounted are all acceptable, as long as the user can draw and holster the pistol without pointing the muzzle to either side. If intending on using a SERPA, please contact me.
    • (3) Pistol Magazines, with at least (15) round capacity preferred. If using magazines with a capacity of (10) or less, please bring (5).
    • (1,000) rounds of ammunition
    • Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses
    • Hearing Protections
    • Brimmed Hat
    • Weapons cleaning kit
    • Lubrication


    • War Belt/Chest Rig/Go-Bag/Armor/Belt pouches/pockets (or whatever combination of those) that permit the user to bring (4) rifle magazines and (2) pistol magazines to the firing line (not counting the magazines in the weapons).
    • Hydration source (does not need to go with the user to the firing line)
    • Snacks
    • Rain/cold gear
    • Sunscreen
    • Lip Balm
    • Bug Repellant
    • Notebook and pen
    • 1stAid Kit. For individual use for minor injuries.
    • Gloves that permit safe operation of both weapon platforms
    • Knee pads (elbow pads are not frequently needed)
    • Comfortable, robust clothing and shoes appropriate to season.
    • Durable shoes/boots
    • Extra socks (wool recommended)
    • Electronic hearing protection
    • Wrap around eye protection, clear and tinted lenses
    • Spare weapon parts or back-up weapons of the same platform

    For enrollment and payment, please contact me at:

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    I cannot say enough good things about Jack Leuba as an instructor. Highly recommended!

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    When Jack and I went shooting together, I hated him. He made me feel like I didn't know anything about carbines or handguns. He fixed me up a bit but I'd still like to train with him for a coupla days.

    Really hope to make his next class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theblacknight View Post
    camping onsite?
    If you count the nearest pub and then a bed in a hotel room, then yes.

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    so no sleeping in car at the range,

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    Oils and Lotions SME
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    Sleeping on the car? Is it a 77 Torino wagon?
    I been around guns my whole life.

    Owner 360 Performance Shooting

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    Really wish I could afford the ammo costs right now. Hopefully in the spring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aray View Post
    Sleeping on the car? Is it a 77 Torino wagon?
    98 civic, same thing right!

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    This course announcement has barely been up for 24 hours and there are only two (2) slots remaining! If you want in on this opportunity please get in touch with me ASAP - there *will* be a standby list for this course!

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