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Thread: Ruger LCR?

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    I値l be curious to hear thoughts on the Rogers grip. My LCR indexes high for me since my other carry gun is a 1911 and I知 used to its index. I also prefer a higher grip on the gun. But, I知 concerned about increased recoil with the harder grip material. The 13oz gun already kicks enough.
    I had a pair, I did not like them.
    Kinda made the hand sting.
    I think I gave them to DB.
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    That Novak LCR looks sweet! I wonder what the sights are regulated for?

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    I keep looking at the Bantam Boot Grip for the LCR. It will not fit an LCRx "as is", but I am looking to see if one can be modified to work with the LCRx hammer.

    Any thoughts?

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    My LCR is a .38 Spl. I carry it or a J frame at home and sometimes when leaving home. I shoot it well. I understand why some prefer the 9mm version.

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