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Thread: Rich's RV and Shootin' Tour 2017

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    Waaaay out west.
    I've enjoyed reading this thread as well. Thanks for posting and I hope you feel better soon!
    "Next time somebody says USPSA or IPSC is all hosing, junk punch them." - Les Pepperoni

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    Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

    And shoulder injuries suck.

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    I’ve appreciated the opportunity to live vicariously through your travels. Hopefully the shoulder will get better, I also suffer from shoulder issues if I fall off my regime of stretching and exercise. I look forward to the 2018 thread.

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    Thanks for the 2017 thread, looking forward to next year, and hope you have a quick recovery!

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    I've enjoyed reading it and look forward to next year's report

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    I've thoroughly enjoyed your journey. Thanks for letting us ride along with you.

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    Make sure you put Texas on the tour for 2018. We have a lot more shooting, eating and drinking to do.

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    Trigger Point Therapy Handbook I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.

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