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Thread: Forum members discount!!

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    Guys, if you forget to use the code when you order, just send me an email and I can apply it when it ships. Although ordering more is great too!!

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    I just ordered a Wing Claw 2.5 for my G43 and a couple mag pouches. Thanks for the forum discount Tony!
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    I just called and spoke with a gentleman who gave me some great last minute advice on their holster differences for a Glock 34. I was comparing the AIWB, AIWB 2.0, and AIWB 2.5 (I went with the 2.5 based off the input I received). 5 minutes and I spoke to a person immediately - very insightful on their product models and differences in models.

    I also, used the forum discount - very helpful.

    Also, the guy has the gadget in stock (I did not realize this until looking for this thread to get the discount which is half the reason I'm bumping this thread just so it's easier to find later on ).

    Definitely worthwhile. I've bought several holsters through him - always a positive experience.

    God Bless,


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    Today’s mail:

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