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Thread: Happy PFestivus 2016! I've got a lot of problems with you people!

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    Happy PFestivus 2016! I've got a lot of problems with you people!

    Exactly two years ago we began a PF tradition of observing PFestivus.

    The rules were as follows:

    For the next couple of days, this thread is going to be wide open for comment. What does "wide open" mean? It means no personal info, no threats, nothing illegal. If you advertise, post porn, or threaten to kill anyone I'm going to destroy your account...but aside from that if you've got an opinion, let's hear it. If there's something on your chest, now's the time to get it off.

    I'm listening. So are other members of staff.

    I'd only say this: What is said in this thread is going to live in this thread. Forever. It will not be pruned. It will not be trashed.

    Go for it.
    The same rules apply this year. This is your chance to get whatever is bugging you off your chest. Calling people out (including Staff and SMEs) by name is perfectly acceptable, as is calling out other sites or blogs. It must stay in THIS THREAD. Go for it.

    No one is under any obligation to participate. If you think PFestivus is stupid you can always use the Ignore this Thread feature to completely block this thread. Better yet, you can tell us about it here.

    Last years PFestivus thread can be seen here:

    Remember, remember...the 14th of September....

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    First post! And while I'm here, Glock is all the world needs. You fruity special snowflakes and your LEM's, PX4's and other hammer-fired hipster guns are gonna get kilt in da skreetz!
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    I have developed a new class for USPSA which will overcome the limitations of gaming in reference to real world interactions.

    USPSA Ultra Master

    Scoring to determine qualification for this level is simple. A shooter must have every shot, following the first shot (which has to be in a reduced 3x5 A zone) cover more than 50% of the original shot or more, bullets going through the same hole without disturbing the previous in any way earn a 200% towards classification. This is achieved through high-speed cameras setup to review all questionable footage.

    There is requirement for twelve classifier scores recorded and all of which must beat the #2 spot by at least 50% seconds along with the above accuracy requirements. It is not enough to be #1 you must be a significant measurement of reaction and accuracy faster.

    Simply touching shots is not enough or being too slow to make time standards, go back to the urinals of GM, this is for those who have ascended.

    This classification is only for those who no longer need any sort of tactical training nor any sort of instruction. They are faster and more accurate, they can outdraw and outshoot everyone they ever come in contact with. The best defense is an overwhelming offense.

    There are no division rules. All whose attempt this qualification must do so with a carry setup regardless of design. As long as it is concealed by normal standards and they shoot every stage “as they come.” This means if the stage calls for 36 rounds and you only carry 35 well then you do not qualify, and should go back to the kid seats. Every judgement of concealment status is left up to another UM if present and if not all present must vote on the fact before the matches begin.

    Furthermore, once UM classification has been attained any other UM may force a confrontation and both UMs must swap gear and shoot a match. This is to be considered a challenge of classification and if any UM fails to classify in their classification during this they are kicked back to the damnation of the GM classification. If both UMs pass classification, where one is determined to be the winner, that UM is able to strip the other UM of their classification until they reclassified after 6 classification scores. It is that winning UM’s choice since there can be only one.


    [in-flek-shuh n]


    1. modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice.

    When reading anything on the internet, if you interpret or extrapolate something as negative you should consider the possibility that you are injecting your own inflection, possibly through your own filter, to the text you just read.

    Internet posts are, in and of themselves, unable to project inflection, as any written text, they are devoid of it. Consider this when responding to others and while interpreting what is posted. More often than not if you believe something is negative or possibly directed towards you in a negative way it may be possible that you have assigned this negative context to that post. Take time to consider that before posting.

    Lastly I have unignored everyone in hopes of resolving issues and starting fresh after this airing of grievances. Since this thread will be long and difficult to read through, please start any post directed at me with @vdm so that I know you are talking to me as I may miss it and would like to respond to everyone's posts directed at me.

    I look forward to this tradition and how it can be used positively for our community.
    Chief Developer for V Development Group
    Everything I post I do so as a private individual who is not representing any company or organization.

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    The only complaint I have is that the footwear pic thread has 178 posts while the shotgun pic thread only has 55.

    And that Bigghoss guy thinks he's funny but he really needs to STFU.
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    Fuck everything that I don't like!!!!!
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    Can we send the full retard timmies back to Lightfighter where they belong? Because training scars!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephrology View Post

    Semper Gumby, Always Flexible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephrology View Post

    my only complaint is none of you like LEM anymore. It is really hard to know that I am right and made the right choice when you guys pick on me/LEM all the time

    ps. love you any ways
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