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Thread: SAS Sniper Hits Flamethrower @ ~1 Mile. Kills 4 Jihadis.

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    SAS Sniper Hits Flamethrower @ ~1 Mile. Kills 4 Jihadis.

    If anyone finds the video... Please post.
    Fox is reporting only 3 killed... 4 is more better so I'm posting the link to the Sun article instead

    Hero SAS sniper ‘kills four ISIS thugs with a SINGLE BULLET as they prepared to murder hostages using a flamethrower’

    A SNIPER has killed a jihadi killer and three thugs with one bullet from almost a mile away in Syria, with the ISIS killers just moments away from murdering hostages with a flame-thrower.

    The marksman sent the bullet flying into a fuel tank from about 1500 metres away, with the fireball exploding and killing four people.
    Best part....
    The civilians who had been targeted in the attack were later rescued by British and US special forces.
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    Excellent, simply excellent!

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    Im reserving my applause until I hear a validation.

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    IMO the brit media always add a sprinkle of magic dust to these kind of stories...

    In any case, if some ISIS scum were "toasted", that's always a GREAT thing

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    Awesome! That would be an excellent video to watch...I'm having a bad day.

    I also heard about a "SAS" sniper face shooting an ISIS executioner moments before beheading a prisoner. Can't seem to find confirmation.

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    .50 Cal with a Raufoss round certainly would do the trick on a fuel tank.

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    I think that story falls into the category of "Too good to check." I will choose to believe it because it makes me happy.

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    Buy one, get three free. Who doesn't love that kind of deal?
    I just kinda felt like shootin' somebody, Matt, and he was making hisself awful handy.

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