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Thread: "New" PF Hat Group Buy: Feeler

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVS View Post
    Wow, I am sorta bummed they sell this hat. I got mine taking a class with Todd years ago and thought that made me a special snowflake.
    You're still special. The hats for sale via spreadshirt are not the same as the hat you got in class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clobbersaurus View Post
    Interested. I would rock it at my club matches to counter the doodie project shirts I see there.
    One does not counter the other, fine Sir! They embellish one another. 😈

    I like Les' idea for a design, personally. Maybe better suited for a shirt though I guess...

    Regardless, Rich, you can count me in for whatever design prevails.

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    I'm not much of a hat guy but I'm in. Prefer low key, grey with logo in whatever colour. Am in for TLG on the hat and will happily pay extra/donate to Rampage if offered as an option.

    If you want to do a (merino) beanie for the winter I am definitely in.

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    Grey would be cool. In.

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    I'd be in my vote would be for gray.

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    In. In.
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    Count me in.

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    Ok, it seems that there are enough folks interested in a gray PF logo hat to make some enquiries.

    This is for the Admins / Mods

    1) It would seem easiest to have a new hat option added to the available selections on the Spreadshirt web site. How does that work? Will an Admin need to contact Spreadshirt and arrange to have this new hat option added?

    2) I don't know / can't tell whether the existing $18.99 black hat option if of good quality to serve as a 'like' product. I.e., say we want to "just add a new hat to the catalog, change the color to gray, add an orange "PF" as per the attached *.jeg". Can we do that?

    3) About the design, how would we go about getting a *.jpeg of the orange "PF" logo to the hat company anyway?

    4) Some have mentioned the addition of a "TLG" or "Rampage" embroidery (on the back?). How do we find out if this is possible?
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