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Thread: "New" PF Hat Group Buy: Feeler

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    I still prefer the hat option, but will take a patch if that’s the option. Patches are a bit “moto” for my liking, but I could still use it at the range.

    Do people really trade out patches? Not judging—just asking...

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    I wear an xxl non adjustable size from deluth. My choice would be to go with a hat that can be ordered by size and color fitted not adjustable no button that are made as each order is processed. OR offer a range size for adjustable as Deluth does. I personally dont care about getting the best price ever via a group buy, just getting the whats best for the widest range of members.
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    I’d go for a hat or patch, though my preference would be for a hat.

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    I'd buy a hat!

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    I would prefer a hat, flex fit, summer weight, no button on top ....

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