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Thread: Week 175: If You Aren't Accurate Enough, It Doesn't Matter How Fast You Are

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    Gen3 G34, USPSA Metric target
    2 for 2
    Observations: I see a lot of other people timed it, now I wish I had too - probably five or so seconds total, not exactly slow fire. But this one is just about making the hits.

    [img]20160803_175329 by OrigamiAK, on Flickr[/img]
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    Got it, but barely:

    Figured I'd give it a second try and try to get the entire bullet hole on paper...


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    Equipment: Glock 17, CompTac OWB holster, vest, USPSA Metric target

    First try: 0/2 in the head, 11.11 seconds
    Second try: 2/2 in the head in 10.67

    Recently this gun/ammo combination has resulted in high shots with a 6 O'clock hold at 25 yards so I held on the neck line resulting in POA=POI at the top of the front sight blade (shots 1&2 in photo). Adjusted to top of sight blade hold and had 2 almost in the A box (shots 3&4). Was very happy with these shots as all 4 were actually POA-POI. Got a little cocky and went down hill from there. Finally packed up and went home. But at least these rounds were good.

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    I decided to try this cold with a standard 3x5 index card. Fired two shots, landed both, then tried again.
    Glock 26 Gen 4 - HST 147gr

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    Shot this 3 times with my CZ 75 SP-01.

    First was untimed: 2/2
    2nd attempt shot from concealment: 0/2 both high (3.90 + 2.04 = 5.94 sec)
    Slowed down and corrected for what I think is PMC shooting higher...
    Final attempt shot from concealment: 2/2 (4.54 + 2.92 = 7.46 sec)

    I think 5 seconds should definitely be doable. Draw was slow in terms of getting gun out to extension, and was maybe a bit too conservative on the 2nd run from concealment. I think I can shoot it a bit faster, but honestly will need to test it. Will try this for more reps and do some dedicated longer distance training on one of the next few range sessions on the timer to see what I can really do under time pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    I did OK on this one.

    Two shots fired, two hits. Gen4 G19, 147-grain American Eagle ammo.

    Things I Noticed:
    • Ammo matters. This gun shoots AE 147 exceptionally well, so I stick with it.
    • Zero matters. This G19 is dead on at 25.
    • Fundamentals matter.

    Okie John
    This ^^^
    I failed miserably today. Then I noticed my 115gr S&B tends to float high. When I switched to carry 147, I hit 2 right next to each other just low right near the neck/shoulder.

    I need a lot of work here.

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    Shot this with CZ 75 SP-01 with Gestalt from CCC from concealment with a polo.

    Mostly I've felt pretty comfortable making the hits shooting without pushing time, so I've wanted to see what happens when I start pushing for time.

    String 1: Started slowfire to warm up (2/2) pass
    String 2: 4.50 (2/2)
    String 3: 3.58 (1/2)
    String 4: 3.80 (1/2)
    String 5: 3.62 (1/2)
    String 6: 4.54 (2/2)
    String 7: 4.49 (0/2)
    String 8: 3.97 (2/2)

    Overall, hit 11/16 with 4 A and 7 B. I think I can clean up the draw, taking too much time to clean up sights. That applies for the follow up shot. I think also need to be cleaner on the trigger press. Otherwise, did clean it once at a sub-4.0 sec pace, but most of those runs had 1 of 2 shots miss.

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.
    Hk P2000 v2
    Trijicon 3 dot
    S&B 124gr FMJ

    Observations: journal entry coming, but for reasons I have been using a drive the dot sight picture. In theory I hate DTD, but in practice it is working well.

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    Ran with CZ 75 SP-01, all from CCC Gestalt holster and polo shirt. I wanted to time myself since I feel relatively comfortable hitting without time pressure, but I often struggle with the balance of speed and accuracy in USPSA matches.

    Strings 1-4 were shot at 25 yards:
    1) 2.05, 1.30 = 3.35 sec (2/2)
    2) 2.16, 1.19 = 3.35 sec (0/2) - poor index/draw, tried to break shots as I corrected sights and FS moved through target and missed both. I fail at PE Kelley's technique.
    3) 2.37, 1.45 = 3.82 sec (2/2)
    4) 2.14, 1.36 = 3.50 sec (2/2)

    Strings 5&6 were at 50 yards:
    5) 3.03, 3.13 = 6.21 sec (0/2) PMC hits high, corrected next string
    6) 5.18, 1.56 = 6.75 sec (2/2) Draw too slow and too much correction/verification on sight picture. Great to know I had a split on 2nd shot almost the same speed at at 25 yds, which is something I should work on more (distance shooting with speed/accuracy, maybe 25-50 yd bill drills)

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    Key observations:
    1. Draws too slow
    2. Splits at 50 yd can be pretty close to what I did at 25 yds, but will need work to get consistency.
    3. Need to do more work at 25 and 50 yds for both draw and splits, maybe bill drills

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    Three reps of the drill this morning. I didn't time the shots, but all were within about 10 seconds or so.
    Gun and target used: HK P30 LEM 4.1, USPSA target
    Number of hits out of two possible: 2 x 3 reps = 6 hits
    Pass or Fail: Pass
    Observations: I like shooting the HK LEM at distance without time pressure

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