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    Training Journals

    The Training Journals area has been created so that members can keep a public, online "range diary" to encompass live & dry fire training, class experiences, match performance, and any other activity related to shooting.

    There is no specific format required. Each person is free to set up his journal in whatever way and with whatever level of detail he wishes.

    The Staff hope that these journals will serve to motivate both the journalists and other readers.

    Each journal will have a selected prefix in the title, either OPEN or CLOSED.
    • If your journal is marked as "OPEN" then other members are invited to post in the thread. They may ask questions, offer encouragement, or critique.
    • If your journal is marked "CLOSED" then other members are asked not to post in your thread. Posts by anyone other than the journal owner will be deleted at the request of the journal owner.
    • If you do not indicate "OPEN" or "CLOSED" it will be assumed your journal is open to comments.

    Unlike in other areas of, in the Training Journal subforum you can:
    • delete your own posts
    • delete your own threads
    • open/close your own threads

    (please note that Staff will always be able to read all posts and threads, even when they have been deleted)
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