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Thread: Week 172: Frank Garcia Dot Drill

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    This is painful...
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    Glock 17K
    I started from high ready. My draw times suck, averaging about 2 seconds. I was pretty confident I was going to struggle with this drill so I cut myself some slack with the starting position. Looking at the target you can see it didn't matter...
    3 yards

    2/6 6.25 seconds
    3/6 6.21 seconds
    3/6 5.19 seconds
    2/6 5.00 seconds
    1/6 5.06 seconds
    2/6 3.11 seconds

    13/36 FAIL

    After getting back to shooting back in March of this year this was one of the drills I tried to incorporate into my sessions. After a few weeks I pulled it from the line up. I can clean the regular dot torture at 3 yards and have almost done so at 5 yards but not against the clock. Introduce the timer and boy do I suck!

    Will discuss more in my training log...

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    July 29. Shot using CZ 75 SP-01, CCC Gestalt, from concealment with a polo. Used a timer this time instead of the NRA target turning system.

    32/36 overall, failed but big improvement for me with regards to consistency.

    Shot this again at 3 yards, and failed to meet the standards. I set a 5 sec par, but kept shooting to see what my times/hits would be like. Some of the 6th shots were not picked up so I just extrapolated using the average split times. The strings were ~5.3 sec on average, with splits averaging ~0.65 seconds and draw to first shot averaging ~ 2.0 seconds.

    One key insight I had while warming up with shorter strings was that I was not really pressing the trigger well. I realized during one string that I was not pressing straight back, corrected it mid string and had the last 3 shots go into 1 ragged hole. I tried to replicate that in the actual Garcia dots drill, and saw my consistency go way up. So that's going to be my main focus in future range sessions working on these dots.

    Sight tracking and shot calling need to be improved as well. I was also more aware of being aggressive in my stance and gripping hard, which seemed to help. Would like to improve on the draw and split times a bit, but need to get my trigger work and sight tracking improved first.

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    Shot this again at the range from 3 yards. CZ 75 SP-01 with closed front garment, CCC Gestalt AIWB. Didn't warm up as much this time, and my trigger control suffered.

    Shot 28/36 (3x4, 2x5, 1x6). Materially worse than last week's score of 32/36. Trigger control was far worse and need to work on being able to press cleanly straight back at speed - misses were low and/or left.

    Will work on that this coming week, doing trigger presses as fast and cleanly as possible when timer goes off in dry fire. Did a dedicated session today of that and felt clean. Will do work also incorporating draws. Hopefully the trigger work in dry fire over the next few weeks pays dividends in live fire.

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    Did some testing at 5 and 7 yards. May start running this at 4 and 5 yards to change things up from 3 yards, but still can't clean it at 3 yards yet so will likely focus on this distance for now.

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    I took a crack at this yesterday with a RTF2 G19 with KKM barrel and comp.

    The good news was each run on each dot was completed within the 5 second par.

    And that's it for the good news.

    So much FAIL I didn't even count up the meager hits.
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    I know the feeling JHC. I did the same on my last couple attempts. Did not even bother to count hits or report it. Quite the humbler for me.

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