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Thread: Officers shot in Dallas

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    I've got some anger, but for some reason, it's hard to find behind the sorrow and tears. My dad is a retired cop. I grew up living with the expectation that he might not come home on any given morning. My heart is grieving for these families, just as it did on 9/11.

    I'm getting on a plane this morning. I have a layover in Dallas. I don't expect that to be a pretty scene.

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    Yet again, "Senseless"....

    The murders were not senseless. They were carefully planned and executed with stated intent. Guy wanted to kill cops and white people. He wanted revenge.

    That's not senseless. It was purposeful violence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCinVA View Post
    Yet again, "Senseless"....

    The murders were not senseless. They were carefully planned and executed with stated intent. Guy wanted to kill cops and white people. He wanted revenge.

    That's not senseless. It was purposeful violence.
    Yep. Like a terrorist group.

    Black lives matter = black panthers
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    Quote Originally Posted by JR1572 View Post


    This ^^^^ !!!

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    I wouldn't insult the original black panthers by grouping #BLM in with them. As far as I know, most of the still living black panthers from days of old secretly and silently hate #BLM.

    note: i'm hashtagging the black lives matter group from now on, to differentiate them from the Bureau of Land Management. My brain keeps going for the latter. Luckily they've not been up to their usual shenanigans so as to confuse me even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chance View Post
    Because it would acknowledge that they have a problem, leaving them unable to shift blame.

    It's going to be interesting how BLM handles this. Most of them are just ignorant, and they're going to have to distance themselves from the radical minority. It should be noted that the protest went on without a problem, until the attack began.
    Here's the cold truth you won't hear from BLM.

    The reasons why can be debated until the servers crash from lack of maintenance, but the present fact is this; the drug trade and criminal activities thereof is integral to the modern black culture.

    In the black community packing a Beretta doesn't mean you're a law abiding person. It means you're in The Game. Folks raised in that world abide by the rules of that trade, not the rules of society as understood elsewhere. If you're a young black kid who reads math books and studies you are mocked as a sellout loser. Because "real black people" act like Alton , robbing and dealing and fighting cops.

    The situation is beyond heartbreaking. It's worse to me then Slavery , frankly. Slavery was a fairly obvious blight on African Amercians and the American spirit as a whole, which is why fighting it was both necessary and painful.

    This? It's like slavery of the mind. I'm a black man with a business degree, no kids out of wedlock and no record. In the place I came from that makes me Bill fucking Gates. Damn near all of my peers from school who gave me noise for watching Space Shuttle launches instead of Kanye West videos are in jail, dead, or just now getting their lives straight after losing two decades to bullshit on the street. Ethnic women in my old neighborhood don't even bother hiding that I'm now "prime marriage material" for their educated daughters, who have thugs and criminals or dads with stacked child support bills to choose from for husbands.

    It's economic and social slavery , an entire culture of people trapped into wasting their lives for a profit machine that really doesn't give a damn about them. Being laid off from HP might feel dehumanizing .
    Being laid off for the drug game is a much more literal problem: and it leaves wrecked lives in the process.

    Unfortunately , a lot of "elected" leaders profit from this bullshit, just like they did centuries ago from slavery. Dead fathers, dead teenagers, kids raised to repeat their parents mistakes in the name of The Game, and dead cops killed because they dared give a damn. All of that blood and death , over money and power. All of it flowing to the top, so folks like Hillary Clinton can break the law and laugh at the consequences.

    Folks in urban governments better hope I don't go to law school and join the Justice Department as a prosecutor. Leland Yee would have plenty of company on his cell block by the time I got done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pins View Post
    Well it didn’t take long for obummer to call for gun control.

    He desperately needs to go FOAD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeep View Post
    This is truly horrible. All I can do is to pray for the families and for the whole Dallas Police Department.

    I'm beginning to think we are living through 1968 again
    Quote Originally Posted by 41magfan View Post
    Could be, but there has been contentious people of color calling for violence against white people and anyone in a position of authority for many decades now. BLM is just the newest "come lately" faction with the same mindless message.

    Like it is with most things, every generation has to re-invent it's own wheel.
    I think it's worse than ever before b/c from the federal gov't to a media controlled narrative, to a complicit democrat party/president on down to a republican leadership that didn't wake up until they saw Trump stomping them, has allowed this to go unchallenged for far too long.

    The republicans woke up yesterday, on the hill, to attempt a pyrrhic victory against Clinton and the machine. It's too little too late.

    We have a president that sparked this/BLM movement off with lending legitimacy to 'all cops are stupid' narrative all the way back when he first took office and explained how Boston cops 'acted stupidly' when handling Robert Gates.

    He doubled down on 'if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin'; Ferguson; Baltimore; etc. I won't even bring up the litany of media speculation from the Naval Yard to the mass shootings, etc.

    He begins last night's address by extending his condolences FIRST to Alton Sterling and Philando Castille (possibly okay to the second, but since when does a sitting president extend condolences to dead felons that resist arrest?). And then he has the nerve to bring up 'facts' before he rushes to judgement? And then he rushes to judgement for the next 15 minutes??

    He keeps giving cover to this narrative even after last night! WTF!! I've never been so pissed off at the direction of my country.

    ETA: Don't watch this video if you already have high blood pressure.

    And then there's this little gem-talk about safe/space for the most cancerous people of society and re-defining words.

    I have such a mixture of anger and sadness over this. How could we, the greatest country on the planet, let it fall to this new low last night. I didn't think it possible

    My apologies. The video was not after Dallas, I didn't intend to make that so unclear. Just mad and never this illogical.
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    I wake up to this...

    Damn, RIP Brothers...

    I don't go into work until 2:00 pm. While I'm not from Dallas, it will be a tough day for my guys and girls, as I'm sure it will be a tough day for every LEO around the country.

    Our city will host the national NAACP convention starting next week. My unit is already tasked with a portion of the security precautions for this event. All of that planning needs a second look...

    This event bothers me more than words can express. It brings up memories of incidents over the years in which I have lost friends and co-workers. I expect that reaction out of myself. I was surprised though at how upset I was as I read of various politicians try to use this Domestic Terrorist attack on the city of Dallas Police Department for their own political agenda, such as gun control.

    At least one political wasn't trying to spin this attack to support their personal agenda's. I read a statement by Donald Trump. All he did was offer condolences. Short story that I feel the need to share. Last Tuesday, Donald Trump was in our area. I didn't meet him as I took my resources and left once we completed our part of the motorcade and airport sweeps. But when Trump finished his rally and was back at the airport, he insisted on having a group photo taken with all of the LEO's involved in his motorcade. No media were present. Just Trump trying to show his support for the LEO's who sweated their asses off in the heat and humidity that day. This guy actually supports us.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there...

    To the rest of you out there who have to go run a Beat today, stay safe, stay sharp, stay ready.
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    GardoneVT--Well said.
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