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Thread: Printable Targets

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGKR View Post
    On the "B-8 Skull Target" above, the "X" is too low--it should be at the eye socket, not the nose.
    I agree, but it was requested that way. I'll make it the right way if anyone wants it.

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    Evolution of my own target designs.

    I haven't been active on here in a while, but I've been working quite a bit on a series of training targets on my own. They are based around anatomy and standards that I want to obtain as a shooter. As I get closer to what I would consider "Version 1.0" I'd like some feedback on if you think that the concept of printable targets that piece together from US Letter sized paper is valuable or desirable to folks other than myself. I've grown used to using a paper cutter to trim margins and using 3M 77 spray to attach them to cardboard backers, and find it very convenient for my use. However, my range has 24x24 and 24x48 target stands and I'm not sure if this is standard or just unique to me. I'm contemplating creating a digital download store for some of these and just trying to gauge interest. I'd appreciate feedback, here's what I've been working on the past months.
    Some explanation on target zones:
    1. Solid outlines are primary hit zones.
    2. Dotted outlines are secondary hit zones.
    3. Crosshairs represent the best possible impact on target.
    4. 2 MOA dots on head and chest represent height over bore hold point for an AR-15 (absolute co-witness assumed).
    5. Grid overlay is 1" squares for group measurement.
    6. Numbered circules match the dot torture drill and are multi-use aiming points for diagnostic shots.
    7. I haven't added zones to the anatomy targets yet, because I feel like it's way obvious if your hits are effective on those.

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    I made up this target today to support some one-handed shooting drills I want to try at the range. It was inspired by @Greg 's thread, here:

    The target is a pair of 5" circles. Left one is for a string with the left hand, right one for the right hand. I superimposed a 4" square grid, to estimate group sizes, and put a 1/4" dot to have as an aiming reference in the center.

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    This draws targets for me.

    I use this handy thing to draw targets on old Amazon boxes.

    The dimensions are right on for AP1 targets.

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    My results...

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