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Thread: Beretta introducing a Langdon Tactical 92!

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    Beretta introducing a Langdon Tactical 92!

    Ernest Langdon's Instagram feed is full of interesting nuggets...recently he posted pictures of these VZ ultra-thin grips bearing the Langdon Tactical Technology logo...

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    Having taken a few classes from Ernest with my Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical, I was interested in purchasing a pair for myself. But I saw Ernie dropped this in the comments -

    ernest.langdon - Soon I hope you will be able to get them direct from me. They will also come on a special gun from Beretta late this year.

    First the Wilson guns, then Ernest's PX4 Compact Carry, now this...Beretta is definitely moving in the right direction.

    So what's on the way? The 'Langdon Special' has long been the M9A1 frame with Vertec slide (the original is pictured below)...let the speculation begin! Hopefully Ernest will drop in and give us some hints...

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    If this is the case, I'll drop the standing order I've had for nearly a year for an M9A3 G and go for this instead...those grips are for the standard frame which has always fit me better anyway.

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    Gotta be his M9A1/Vertec combo, maybe with a fiber optic front for a sort of boxed "gamer" package?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWTO View Post
    Gotta be his M9A1/Vertec combo, maybe with a fiber optic front for a sort of boxed "gamer" package?
    I sure hope so, thats one of my favorite combos ! Its a pain having to buy multiple guns to piece them together .
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    I need a second Beretta...

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    If it's a M9A1 frame with a Vertec slide, I could definitely use another Beretta. And I'm kinda liking the grips as well!

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    The Langdon Special is a great second step towards a perfect gaming 92. Hopefully peeps at BUSA are looking at Les' thread and are taking hints at what kind of a specific build it's going to take to compete with Tanfo/CZ.

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    I would happily buy such a Beretta. They have long been a challenge to shoot with my wee little paws.

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    I might actually buy one...

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