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Thread: Footwear Photo Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtuosity Student View Post
    I recommend Thursday Boots. I work in medical sales, so I am constantly on asphalt or standing on hospital floors. Sub $100 dress shoes wear out in less than a year and aren’t waterproof for rainy/snowy days. I looked for a long time to find a dress boot that was waterproof and would work with a mainly business casual attire but could also step up to a suit on rare occasion.

    AE, Alden, Viberg are all great but I have 4 kids, a mortgage, and am the sole breadwinner. Thursday’s met my budget needs at $199 and for what you get, I couldn’t be more pleased. Goodyear welted so they can be re-soled when the time comes, well crafted, and good leather quality.

    I got these:

    They have slip on Chelsea style also. They run about a half size smaller than tennis shoes.

    I am very frugal and spent almost a year doing research, reading reviews, and even watched a video of a shoe cobbler taking them apart and discussing how they compare to more expensive brands before I took the plunge. Sad I know...but I am convinced that for a new shoe/boot, you cannot beat their prices for how well they are made. YMMV.
    I clicked on this thread out of curiosity and hoping I might find a good place to find a pair of chukkas. I wanted something that would last and would work mainly with cargo pants but might be okay with chinos. Using the above link I found these:

    I typically go for cheap, or stuff I find on closeout. I'm 69 and I think I'm out of that mode now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    Any idea what their return policy is like? Did you order more than one size in anticipation of keeping only the one that fits?
    Get your Brannock size and then check r/Goodyearwelt. You should be able to nail your size off the bat with their info. Hell, get me your size and I'll poke around for ya.
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    I have been flirting with the nicer boot world for the better part of the year now. A deputy in my office who is even harder core than me about footwear (Alden is his non duty boot of choice) raves about Thursday boots because he can get something that looks good in a jacket and tie when he goes to court but still has a rubber sole such that he can run move and fight in if needed.

    I tried on his 12s and they were too small. I would be inclined to go 13 based on that experience thought perhaps I could get by on a 12.5 with a dress sock.

    Some random shoe size data points that may or may not be helpful for you. I have been 13 trending to the narrow side in Allen Edmonds dress shoes, Ecco dress shoes,Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoes And most other shoes for 35+ years.

    I purchased a pair of Red Wings iron rangers from Redwing after being measured on their device as a 12 on one foot and a 12 pushing 12 1/2 on the other. I was fit with 11s and told to break them in. I have done so in a satisfactory manner with both those iron wings and a pair of blacksmiths.

    I took a chance on a pair of wolverine brand 1000 miler’s at 11 1/2 because I caught them on such a good deal. No real break in as there was with the Red Wings.

    I just recently purchased a pair of Danner Bull Runs Lux limited editions on line in 12s after going to-a local store that did not carry the model I was after.

    All of that to say-If I had doubts I would buy the two sizes and send the one back that did not fit. Life is short and my time has value.

    YMMV. Tell us what u so and why.
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