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Thread: Yay! It feels all official now...

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    Yay! It feels all official now...

    My writer's copy just hit the mailbox yesterday...

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    I just wish Todd and Pat and Farmer Frank were here to see it.

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    They're watching. They always are.

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    I can't wait to see how you restart the caliber wars.

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    Outstanding, I think I will actually get a subscription.

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    Excellent! Congratulations Tam.

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    It's well deserved.

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    Congrats, and I wish you much success!

    And it's well-deserved, I might add.
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    Saw that. Congrats!

    So the electronic edition is available before the writers get their dead tree editions? huh.

    (Switched from American Rifleman to Shooting Illustrated for my publication a couple of months ago, when I saw it was now an option.)
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    Congrats!! I didn't know you could switch!

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