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Thread: AAR: Greg Ellifritz Extreme Close Quarters Gunfightining

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    AAR: Greg Ellifritz Extreme Close Quarters Gunfightining

    My wife and I attended this class on April 9, Hosted by John Murphy. We previously attended Greg’s System Collapse medicine class which was taught on day 2 and highly recommend that as well. I have always carried a first aid kit, but none of it was sufficient to stop serious bleeding.

    I would like to start off by saying due to a minor medical issue, I did not fire a single round. Not the ideal situation for me, but there was more than enough information on technique and I was able to watch others which for me was very beneficial as well. This is not my first rodeo, I have had training in the past, but I did learn some new things. Training and techniques do improve, and I do forget shit. The class was still worth every penny and minute.

    My wife thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a wealth of information as well, but she had a HELL of a lot more fun because she got to shoot! BUT seriously, there is a whole lot more to this shit than shooting.

    My wife said several times, I can’t believe there are not more women here! This is the kind of stuff women need. I agree, and with that said, if anyone is considering this class or any offered by John/Greg in the future I would HIGHLY recommend you not only take it, but it would probably be just as, if not more important if your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, grand mother….. did as well.

    This is not a high impact, physically demanding class, so no worries about getting hurt. Greg basically teaches techniques and options. You may just learn one technique that could save your life one day. AND for those that want more of an ASS KICKN type class, contact Greg, he said he has recommendations for that as well.

    Self defense training is like any other insurance policy we all hope to god to NEVER need it, BUT one day we will!
    Spread the word as to the importance of training for woman. Greg is a knowledgeable and excellent instructor.

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    Greg's Close Quarters class is a superb introduction to close quarters work with a lot of high percentage stuff that is highly likely to be effective on the street. I can't recommend the class enough.

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    I just registered for the October iteration of this course at the same venue (FPF Training range in Culpeper). I took Greg's one day knife course in February and thought it was great. Greg's a great instructor and has one of the best blogs out there.

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