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Thread: Beretta picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagga Boy View Post
    M9A1 Compact frame
    Centurion Slide
    Stainless Compact barrel
    Should be a good match to the LTT Elite minus the dovetail front sight.
    Cool, thanks!
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    Finally got the 92fs compact out to the range along with my M9-22. It's nice but the PX4 compact is better in just about every way except maybe looks.

    Does anyone like pineapple on their pizza guns?

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    Successful trade for parts & mags to turn my plain Jane PX4C into a wannabe PX4CC.

    ETA: My floors look awful! Time to repaint...

    Threw the full size in there to fill up the rest of the table.

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    Wilson is a weight day. Cardio tomorrow.

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    Berettas and Breakfast Tacos...that's a thing, right?

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    "When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli View Post
    Uhh.. breakfast tacos ?

    Things like this are why the rule exists. The rule being never eat Mexican food North of Dallas or East of the Mississippi.

    Since this is a picture thread:

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    As a next-door neighbor, had to grin at the above Venn diagram.

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