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Thread: Beretta picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave J View Post
    My wife said I have a Beretta problem.

    She was right. I donít have even a single Inox gun.
    That is a fantastic problem to have Sir! I am rapidly starting to have the exact same problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapid Butterfly View Post
    Did you get rid of the Allen head ones, or did yours not come with those
    Sorry, just saw this.

    The Langdon M9 model comes with flathead grip screws. I like flatheads more because they're harder to round off, and the hole isn't as deep into the shaft of the screw. I changed to stainless to prevent rust, because FL has them against sweat alot.

    My Elite LTT came with hex. Because they're stainless I'll probably leave them. I don't dislike hex enough to change them out, just flathead is my preference.

    If I ever need to get new screws in the future I'll likely choose flathead and stainless.


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    I picked up one of the Italian Police trade-in Model 81 Cheetahs in .32ACP. Now I just need to find a few spare mags that don't cost almost as much as I paid for the gun.

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    ^that c and c barrel looks great. I will try to do that on my ltt compact.
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    This started out as a 96FS Vertec, then it had a D Upper in in 9mm, now it's got a standard 92FS upper with a G conversion and M9A3 grips. Think I'll keep it this was for a bit.

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