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Thread: So who do we like for rimfire cans?

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    So who do we like for rimfire cans?

    I did a bit of digging through old posts from a couple of years ago and see that the Spectre II and Dead Air Mask came pretty highly recommended then.

    Are those still the go-to recommendations in late-2020?

    If it matters, the hosts will likely be a CZ 457 Scout, 22/45, and 10/22... maybe 5.56 barrel with a CMMG conversion kit.

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    Iím pleased with my Dead Air Mask.

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    Buy whatever is in stock in your state or at silencershop.

    If itís user serviceable in rimfire, then youíre fine

    They all sound the same.

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    I just ordered a OSS 22 RAD can. I'll let you know in 6-12 months.

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    Based on my limited experience, I won't buy another non-OSS can. The benefits to cleanliness and function are huge. I think due to the NFA delay, its going to take a while for people to get turned on to what a step forward the flow-through design is, but for me I won't look at anything else.

    22 is dirty, the lead comes off inside the can, so whatever you get, do not get something with aluminum in it. Aluminum is fragile, any solvent that is either basic or acidic is not approved, and sonic cleaners can damage it. If you get one that is only steel or titanium, you can throw the whole thing in a sonic cleaner and avoid scraping lead off the baffles with a toothbrush or pick. OSS meets that requirement but so do others, but I don't see why one wouldn't get the RAD 22.
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    I've been really happy with my Sig SRD22x.

    The baffle stack design seals the tube from the crud, and the baffles are thin stainless steel. Completely ultrasonic friendly for the parts that matter, because I hate cleaning crap.
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    I have a dead air mask, and it is great. I have friends with the Q el camino, several silencer co models, and a few form 1 cans. In my opinion, my favorite rimfire can is the one that easier to take apart and clean. I like stainless baffles, simply because you can be a bit more aggressive with your cleaning methods. Honestly with 22 subs, any can is going to sound good.

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    My only rimfire can is a Ruger Silent-SR. Stainless baffles, titanium outer tube, it seems to be very durable. I've had it for a few years and have shot the crap out of it. It's kind of expensive for a rimfire can, but I feel it will last forever. It pairs nicely with a 22/45.

    About a year after I got mine, I saw them at a shop for $150. If that's the going price now, I would consider that a steal.


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    I like Elite Iron. When I was wondering and shopping I went to a body armor shoot with a guy who was a Silencerco Rep. He mentioned the he knew Elite Iron well, and that he sold them their last set of testing equipment. He said the EI can would out do the current generation Sparrows, but the next generation Sparrows would be technically quieter. Keep in mind that not many people can hear a 3 dB difference.

    What sold me on the EI was their customer service. It usually took less than an hour to get an email answered. I wanted to know if their cans would suppress 22mag and 5.7, and was told that they would warranty repair the can if such rounds caused any damage if I went with the six inch model, which I did. I don't own a .22 mag or 5.7, but wanted to get the most (least) bang for my buck which I saw as a multi-generational purchase.

    I have run my can wet and dry on barrels down to 4 inches, with no problems. They included a takedown wrench and antizsieze compund.


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    I went the cheap route and got a Tactical Innovations TAC65. It is all aluminum, user serviceable, and works great. Coupled with my CZ452 it is deadly quiet and accurate. I'm happy with it.
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