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Thread: Make me laugh - the PF memes thread - NO POLITICAL MEMES

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    Is the boy you were proud of the man you are?

    Fimbo iliyo mkononi, ndio iuwayo nyoka!

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    Quote Originally Posted by O4L View Post
    Galileo, Galileo
    I may have contracted Wobbly Possum Disease.

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    Everything exploded and the blood began to spill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by O4L View Post
    Galileo, Galileo
    The earworm thread is over there =>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Half Moon View Post
    Seen on Twitter and earwormed:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sero Sed Serio View Post
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    The Toyota Hilux Technical. Accept no substitutes!
    "You win 100% of the fights you avoid. If you're not there when it happens, you don't lose." - William Aprill
    "I've owned a guitar for 31 years and that sure hasn't made me a musician, let alone an expert. It's made me a guy who owns a guitar."- BBI

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    Both the PKM and the Toyota are more dependable and less drama than the complainer !

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