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Thread: Make me laugh - the PF memes thread - NO POLITICAL MEMES

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleverNickname View Post
    I mean, it's not a terrible idea in that it prevents any random person from stealing stuff off your porch. The terrible part giving a smaller subset of people free rein inside your home.

    There really needs to be something which could both secure delivered packages from theft while simultaneously only allowing the delivery person access to the storage container and not your whole house. Basically a big mailbox with access control which people other than the USPS could use. Make an order and when you enter your shipping address, you also supply a one-time PIN as part of the address, which Fedex/UPS/Amazon/Instacart/whoever then could use to open the box to make a delivery. Then once the PIN is used, it gets deactivated. If you really wanted to get fancy, build the container as part of the residence. Then you could do other neat stuff like have a door on the inside so the owner wouldn't have to leave their house to pick up the delivery, or have optional refrigeration for grocery delivery.
    My SIL has a service like that - big steel box on her front porch. Don’t remember the name of it - we usually go in the back door, so I’ve just seen it the one time we swung by to pick something up for her when she was out of town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    I have no idea where this photo was taken. Which is a real tragedy, obviously enough.
    Montrose, PA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    It’s worth the 10 or 15 bucks a month to not have to worry about receiving expensive goods via whatever carrier the shipper chooses.
    Yeah, but with the convenience of it at your house. I guess a PMB provides a little more anonymity though since it's at a different physical location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnO View Post
    It's real? Well screw me and my jaded internet skepticism today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    When I was a kid, there was one of those "do everything small town hardware stores" near us. Hardware store, ice cream parlor, fried chicken dine-in or to go, small toy section, small grocery section, and I know they sold ammo but don't remember guns.
    And if it were in Michigan or Canada there would have been an ample porno selection as well.

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    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    And if it were in Michigan or Canada there would have been an ample porno selection as well.
    Same in Washington outside of Pierce, King, Snohomish, and Thurston counties.

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