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Thread: Make me laugh - the PF memes thread - EASILY TRIGGERED KEEP OUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    Brits ain't got nothin' on us... (just down the road a piece...)

    Holy crow! A bikerís dream...

    I trust you walked away from that tosser...
    (I kid, I kid!)

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    Old man yelling at cloud OlongJohnson's Avatar
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    "carbine-infested rural (and suburban) areas"
    Meh. This is just the stuff that people with room temp IQs can find in SoCal. Not even close to the best, and there are hundreds/thousands of miles of road. It's why a lot of them put up with the government.

    After almost 20 years of living around that, I've decided that my second attempt at owning something sporty in SE TX is just as pointless as the first, and needs to come to an end. We don't even have good desert highways here.
    Not another dime.

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    Anna Kendrick's fantasies
    Oh great, now this is the motorcycle thread...

    Does anyone like pineapple on their pizza guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    Now I remember why I had you on ignore.
    Dare to speak the truth

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    You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

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    When it comes to sports car roads (and especially scenery), Socal has nothing on the state of Jefferson:

    You just need to use caution after rains due to frequent rockslides & washouts:

    Roads in the smokey mountains and Yellowstone are also sublime.

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    .30-06, .30-30 and .45 Colt: Because America, bitches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy in NH View Post
    And that is probably a boomer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    Brits ain't got nothin' on us... (just down the road a piece...)

    Tail of the Dragon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    And that is probably a boomer?
    I've never been on a modern submarine, but that berthing area looks just like any one of a number of amphibious ships I deployed on.
    Is the boy you were proud of the man you are?

    Fimbo iliyo mkononi, ndio iuwayo nyoka!

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