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Thread: LL's "Almost Guaranteed to Work fixes for Gen4 Glock 9mm issues"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasLarryE View Post
    Thanks, LL--I'll do that! I've been thinking about my wife's problem, and I might try to talk her into carrying a couple of our SP101s with .38 spl rds in her big purse instead of the glock that I bought her--those revolvers "take a beating and keep on ticking" (as John Cameron Swayze used to say in my early hunting days back in the '50s).
    "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking". (I guess you aren't old enough to remember. Or old enough to have forgotten. I'm right on the cusp. )
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    You're right! He was selling Timex watches, and I got one for Christmas when I was 10. Had a 4-10 shotgun then for hunting in local fields; went to 16-ga. then 12-ga. as I got bigger. My first revolver (and carry gun for years) was a 6-shot stainless Ruger Security Six; the SP-101s came much later, then the P944, then the Glocks.

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    I have not read all 15 pages, but count me as one that got frustrated and traded off the Gen 4 Glock 19 due to BTF issues.

    This was a 2015 gun, latest ejector. BTF or brass on top of head, back of shirt, etc. I installed the expensive APEX extractor and the issues persisted. It was my only Glock - which I had sworn off of them about a decade ago - tried to give Glock another shot - and have now sworn off of them again.

    Not only that, but I realized the grip angle is truly something you'd have to train for if you are not accustomed to shooting Glocks.

    I'm sure they are great for a lot of folks, but not me.
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    Two new, late production Gen 3 34s.

    Both exhibited very erratic ejection, one had many bolt over base FTFe and FTEj with American Eagle 147 and HST 147.

    The one with the failures ended up being the best one. It's running good with the 336 ejector, HRED, Apex extractor

    The other ejects pretty acceptably good. It liked a 30274 ejector, HRED, and stock extractor with a light stoning on the top and bottom surfaces. It threw brass on me almost 100% with the Apex extractor.

    I did this testing with over 1K rounds and I'm pretty confident that I have them sorted out. It's ridiculous, but if you want to shoot a Glock, it comes with the territory I guess.

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