47021 was installed in the G4 G19 with stock extractor. Ran 200 rounds of PPU 9mmNATO with consistent ejection (albeit weak). Shot a box of Blazer Brass for a weak load test and had 2 BTF.

Second test was a new 19x that came with a 47021 installed from factory. I shot 250 rounds of Winchester 9mmNATO with excellent ejection at 4-5 o' clock. I also shot 100 rounds of Federal AL case 9mm for a weak load test. Ejection went more to dribbling out at 3-4 o' clock, 1 BTF, and 1 BTShoulder. This 19x does not have the new breechface cut, but overall ejection was good enough that I'll use the OEM extractor to see what happens at higher round counts.