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Thread: ToddG remembrance thread

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    Thank you for all the inspiration Todd. Godspeed and fair waters.

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    RIP Todd. I was looking forward to training with you again. You will be missed.

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    RIP our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones through this time.

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    Rest easy Todd. I never got to meet you in person but you helped me become a better shooter in many ways and I will forever be grateful. My condolences to your wife, family, and the dog that you loved dearly.

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    Todd and I shared some fun scheming together!

    I hosted him three times, and was a student in two of those classes. He inspired me to become an instructor and gave me a lot of very valuable advice along the way. He was gracious enough to ask me to be staff on this forum when it first started.

    Goodbye Todd. I'm going to miss you. Every time I stand beside a student's gun with my nose a half inch away from it, I'm going to think of you.

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    Thanks for everything, Todd.

    Especially shooting know-how and grammar/spelling jabs.

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    Like many of us here on the forum, I never got the chance to meet Todd but I'm grateful for his contributions to the shooting community. I would like to think that some of what I learn here gets passed along to those I teach both in and outside of law enforcement.

    Thank you Todd.

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    Prayers for Todd's family and friends.

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    From 2010:

    (credit to Massad Ayoob who is a forum member here)

    Todd Green winning the Polite Society match. Arrow points to spent casing from his HK .45 auto. Note that muzzle is still on target: excellent control.

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    Very sad and shocking news to receive this morning. Never got to meet Todd or take one of his classes, had hoped to be able to do so though. RIP Todd. My condolences to his friends and family.
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