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Thread: Known good pistol loads

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    Known good pistol loads is not responsible for any actions you may take with this information nor is the person who posted the load data. Start out low, work your way up, consult your reloading manual.

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    What has worked well for me:

    9mm: (All loads shot through a Walther P99c; barrel is 3.5" with traditional rifling - if you've got a longer barrel, you may be able to get similar velocity with less powder)

    124 grain Berry's plated round nose over 5.0 grains of Unique, 1.15 OAL, ~130 PF.
    124 grain Montana Gold JHP over 4.7 grains of Unique, 1.075 OAL, ~130 PF.
    124 grain Montana Gold JHP over 4.1 grains of VV N320, 1.075 OAL, ~128-129 PF.
    115 grain Hornady XTP over 5.4 grains of Unique, 1.08 OAL, never chronoed, but was nice and accurate, no pressure signs.

    The reason the JHP and XTP loads are so much shorter in OAL is that my P99c has a fairly short chamber, and in order to pass the "plunk" test, they had to be shorter. If you're loading for a Glock or similar, you can probably go longer with those bullets.

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    9mm 125 SnS coated LRN
    1.150” COL
    N320: 3.8gr: 1014 fps (125 power factor)
    N320: 3.9gr: 1040fps, 130+ PF
    N320: 4.0gr: 1054fps, 131+ PF
    Titegroup: 3.7 gr 1013fps±18sd 126.6 PF

    9mm 147 SnS coated LRN
    1.125” COL
    N320: 3.3gr: 910fps 133PF
    N320: 3.4gr: 933fps, 137 PF
    N320: 3.6gr: 962fps 141 PF
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    44 Mag
    10 grains of Unique under a good cast 240-grain SWC.

    45 Colt
    10 grains of Unique under a good cast 250-grain SWC.

    Either should get 1,000-1,100 fps, be powerful enough for deer, and be accurate enough for rabbits. Recoil is fairly mild, too.

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    Make sure you list your cartridge length. Size matters.

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    9mm 147 Black and Blue RN Bullets
    1.110" COL
    Bullseye: 3.1 gr 890 fps (130 +PF)
    Titegroup 2.85gr 890 (130+PF)

    1.145" COL
    Power Pistol: 3.8 gr 920fps (135+PF)
    Unique: 3.5 gr 900fps (132+PF)
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    This is the Sams Custom Gun load for the 9x19. In my Sams 1911, it shoots into less than one inch for ten shots from the Ransom rest at the fifty-yard line.

    1) 115-grain Hornady XTP
    2) 4.8 grains of N-340
    3) Winchester or Starline brass
    4) Remington #5-1/2 small pistol primer
    5) OAL is 1.160" in 1911s and 1.120" (no crimp) in Beretta 92-series guns. I load 9x19 long for 1911 pistols to aid in feeding. Perhaps too long based on some feedback from WCR.

    Velocity is about 1100 fps.
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    Missouri Bullet Co. makes a 125 LSWC for 9mm. Loaded at 1.125" over 4.0 grains of titegroup it does about 1100 out of a 4.25" barrel, doesn't seem to lead badly, and groups better than I can shoot out of several guns. As a longtime .45 guy, I take irrational pleasure in crisp holes.
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    4.8 grs of WST and coated 200 gr SWC's. Runs about 870 FPS out of a 5" gun on 80 something days.
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    4.5gr Win231/HP-38 (same powder)
    Winchester SP
    Montana Gold 124gr FMJ

    1088 mean fps
    16 standard deviation

    1123 mean fps
    19 standard deviation

    380 ACP
    3.6gr Win231/HP-38 (same powder)
    Winchester SP
    95gr Montana Gold FMJ

    Ruger LCP
    919 mean fps
    15 standard deviation

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