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Thread: Post your reloading setups!

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    This is my little bench with a Lee turret and the 400 9mm rounds I did this evening.
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    Single stage to the right. Hornady LNL

    454 Casull, 460 and 500 S&W.

    4 Dillon progressive presses for 44 MAGNUM , 45 ACP, 9 mm and 357 Magnum

    Today I mounted the RCBS Turret for rifle reloading. I have been busy reloading for load development of 9 mm 147 grain hence all of the extra components.

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    I cleaned my bench last week, so that deserves a couple of pics. Dillon 650 is permanently mounted in place. The 550 and the MEC 9000 fit into T-slots in the table and can be swapped out for other presses or tooling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuanoLoco View Post
    Working with the cement mixer:

    I have a bad habit of posting in old threads without completely reading through - notice the clamp on the harbor freight mixer - pretty important part. I learned the hard way about the clamp when I was making some concrete and walked into the house for a moment.

    I throw a five gal bucket of brass and about 10 pounds of petco lizard media in mine. I don't use stainless media. I put a piece of blue tarp that I cut to size over the end and use bungees to hold it over the end to keep down dust. I run it on a plug in timer for couple hours. I lube the mixer every load.

    I roll it out of my shed into the backyard and tumble away.

    I run it on a plug in timer for couple hours. I lube the mixer every load.

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    Iíll refer you to another thread.
    Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Doodie Project?

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    I just put this in the showoff thread

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