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Thread: I'm losing faith in humanity!(or WTF kind of gun do I own?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLG View Post
    And this is why I don't break in rifles. Or clean them. Too dangerous.
    Was getting ready to post the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyLine1 View Post
    6.5creedmore kaboom, wish there were pictures.
    The worst part is those things are incredibly rare and that twat got one over me. Here I am stuck with the 308 awaiting a barrel change!
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    I've read a lot of kaboom stories on reloading forums since the panic made every dipshit try reloading, but this is the first guy I've heard of blowing up a gun from cleaning.
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    I was in a retail store one day when one of the clerks that I know brings over a customer to me and asks me what type of ammo this guy needs for his gun. Now we are not talking about whether he should buy target/practice ammo or carry ammo or even if he should buy HST, Gold Dot or Corbon etc - he wanted me to tell his customer what gun he had and what caliber it was so the customer could buy ammo.

    Understand that I have never met the guy in my life and didn't know what kind of gun he had or in what caliber. You just had to be there to understand the "WTF" kind of question is that? After it was all done the clerk says something like I thought you could just pick what he needed. Sometimes you just can't fix stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breakingtime91 View Post
    Wow. Aren't those rifles 1k plus

    And extremely difficult to find...
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