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Thread: Best Tactical Cargo Pants

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    Best Tactical Cargo Pants

    I think this fits in EDC- we all wear them right? And when the ballon goes up and the zombies come... Well, let's just say no one wants to really die in skinny jeans.

    Ok, to be serious. I reckon you all have a lot of input on wearing these. I'm on a quest for the best pair ever. I have worn the original 5.11 tacticals, Vertx when they first came out, some Arcteryx. What do you all find to be the best these days. I've been eyeballing the Arcteryx Combat Pants Gen 2 and they might be it (if I could ever find a pair of mediums) but they're PRICEY beyond belief. In their defense, I have an old set of ill-fitting Gen 1ís and they are definitely worth the money for what they do. And to answer the question, I'm just looking for a good pair of pants that has the pockets to carry all the EDC, the wallet, the big phones these days, etc. and stands up to wear and tear, all while not looking too over the top tactical. (Crye would be great but you have to mortgage the house and multicam in a mall...) I love cargo pockets for carrying wallets and phones and other things for easier access while sitting and driving. Reinforced pockets of the 5.11ís for knives and lights has always been a charm. I got my hands on arcteryx's new Xfunctional AR pants that they just released and they just didn't really work for me. The quest goes on.

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    I gave up on high-end cargo pants because they just get wrecked and then I'm mad.

    I like the 5.11 S!T!R!Y!K!E! TACKLOL no matter how stupid the name, but I also wear the LAPG urban ops recon (don't get me started) in canvas because they look decent, have slim cut cargo pockets, and are about $25.
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    I have yet to kill a pair of Duluth Trading fire hose pants, despite my best efforts in a rather unfriendly desert environment. They can be a bit heavy, especially when soaked through. I believe they have some lightweight models, though.

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    Great points about the names- especially on 5.11. If you ever need a good laugh, head on over to their website and watch their product videos. I don't know who they got to do the talking but it couldn't be anymore dramatic. "If you wear these, you don't even have to get selected for Devgru... Cause you're already INNNNNN!"

    I haven't tried the Duluths but that's a good idea. I'm in the Deep South though, I might just start sweating by looking at them.

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    5.11 apex pant

    Its awesome and i really like them.
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    I basically stopped wearing "shoot me first pants" a while ago. Duluth works great for me. Kuhl also works, especially the lighter models. Filson sometimes as well. I have a few others l just can't remember off the top of my head.

    Now for non casual use, I still use vertx or or course, crye, but I try to blend most of the time. Jeans work great:-)

    Caveat to all of the above, I usualy avoid "cargo" pants like the plague. Most of my pants have small, fairly discrete hammer type pockets instead of cargo pockets. That works well for what i need and want to carry, without drawing attention.

    eta...I have some older Arcteryx pants that, of course, they discontinued. One is the Ambassador, and the other I can't name for the life of me. For the "history" buffs, it was those two pants that created the vertx original pant.
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    Here is the lighter weight version.
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    I used to like these for when I had to maintain business casual at work but now that I don't, I like jeans.

    By far, my favorite type are the humble Wrangler Riggs. Sort of like Carhartt on a budget. Just comfy and plain tough.
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    Best Tactical Cargo Pants

    SLG, you're right. They do draw attention for people "in the know" but I hate sitting on a wallet and these new bigger iPhones (compensation??) are getting harder to stuff in pockets. Nevermind lights and knives. And let's face it, even in jeans, we probably still stand out in a crowd for the way we act and the number of things clipped on our pockets.

    Arcteryx makes good stuff but I swear the threads must be made by golden caterpillars and glued with the tears of a Kardashian for the price.

    I really liked Vertx but I have some issues with the fit every once in a while. They don't scream tacticool too badly but as they became more popular... Might as well be called 5.12 now.
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    The Wranglers Riggs have cavernous pockets.

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