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Thread: AAR - "Speed Kills"/"Shooting on the Move" - Sept 24, 25th; Indianapolis, IN

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    I certainly had a good time and met some great people. My biggest take away was how much my SOM needed work. I literally can go out any door and shoot on the move, but haven't. Why, I don't know, I always go to my range and stand there motionless and shoot..... lesson learned. As Todd told me "shooting is shooting. Whether you're standing still or moving, you still put the sights on the target and press the trigger adequately enough to make the bullets land where you want them."

    As an instructor and shooter for many years, I certainly recommend taking a class from Todd and building your skill set. Weather its to improve your time to first hit, target shooting or shooting on the move, sometimes you just don't know what needs work and self diagnosis can be lacking.

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    "the short guy"
    I never noticed...

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    Obviously it will be up to Larry if he wants to attend another class and he does take alot away from it. It has changed up his firearms training a bit, but I am getting kind of selfish and really enjoy the conversations after class, which is something that Larry is willing to pass up to get home early on Sunday night.

    By the way "short guy", you beat me! Great Job!

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