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Thread: Holster for Glock questions.

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    Holster for Glock questions.


    Good to see you abord. I still have the holster you made for me in 2008/9 for my glock and I do need a new part again fot the tuckable I think its the quick cover. I am looking for a new Glock 19 holster with a threaded barrel and was wondering if the Gestalt might be the answer to an upgraded quick cover. I might oe might not carry a 19 with a threaded barrel but its still in the testing phase with moving back to glock from HK.

    Would you have a holste that can accomodate a surefire xc1?



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    The Gestalt is going to be measurably(but minimally) thicker than the Quick Cover but would be an excellent alternative as a tuckable, adjustable holster.

    I would recommend going with a Glock 17 holster for the threaded barrel. That is depending on the overall length with the thread protector installed. Other wise simply cutting away a little material to allow for the thread protector to protrude from the muzzle of the holster would be a quick and easy modification.

    I am on a "list" with Sure Fire to get a defunct XC1 as soon as one is available. In the mean time, if you send me your light I can make you a holster with it. Call or email me for details.


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