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Thread: I hate Turkey rant

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    I heard that ham is the new turkey.

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    I enjoy a few pieces of it, but you cannot overdo it. I found 3-5oz of turkey to be a perfect serving along with other thanksgiving related items. No I do not measure it, just an observation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Jenkins View Post
    I hate Turkey.
    Aaaaand, were'e no longer friends. :P

    I'm a turkey fiend. I'm that old guy on A Christmas Story that can't lay off the bird.

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    Try one of these-

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    I like turkey, - especially hot turkey sandwhiches piled with turkey, dressing, & mashed potatoes with tons of gravy on top. With cranberries on the side - that is deliciousness on your plate There's additional satisfaction in going out and bagging a wild turkey for yourself. (Though, admittedly a lot of work compared to buying some factory bird.) For a year or two the guys in the family who traditionally do the holiday cooking, deep fat fried the turkeys. Delicious & moist. The best turkey I'd had. Unfortunately, that was a lot of work & hassle so they went back to the old method. Tends to be dry. -- Though I like turkey, I'll go for prime rib or ham before that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadmin View Post
    Try one of these-

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    A most excellent bird. I either get a Greenberg turkey, or a Honey Baked Ham. Then make a bunch of stuffing and mashed taters, and buy a mountain of those Kings Hawaiian Rolls.

    A half a box of cigars, and a really good bottle of Single Malt Scotch or small batch Bourbon are also necessities. The new son-in-law is coming along quite nicely. He brought over my quite adorable granddaughter, and a pair of Partagas cigars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    You'd punch a baby for another slice.
    I've got to remember that expression!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Jenkins View Post
    It takes forever to cook a turkey. Frozen, they take a minimum of two days on the drainboard. Space that could be better used, like, say, to make a plate of chips and salsa. They bake for hours and hours. The house heats up. The smell of Turkey lingers, much like that Uncle.
    I put it in the sink covered with water the day before Thanksgiving, it is thawed by the evening when it goes back in the fridge. Cooking doesn't take that long, for me it takes about 3 hours start to finish.

    Personally I think most people have had the usual butchered turkeys that are way over cooked, when prepared properly turkey can be as moist and juicy as a chicken. It just takes proper technique, and tools.

    ETA: Here is how I make my Turkey.
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    FWIW I've had turkey that has been brined, among other prep methods, and it's just not my thing. Short of General Tso's turkey I've had it most ways.
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    As I learned in one of my very first apartments away from home, the definition of "eternity" is "two people and one turkey".
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