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Thread: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 3rd Gen S&W

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    TDA pimp guns for the win!

    The thing I like about the Gen 3's is the attention to detail. Serrations are where they should be, magazine wells are bevelled, sights were decent, triggers were generally good. Thanks for posting Lyonsgrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyonsgrid View Post
    I've contacted him about one. Trying to figure out which mold to send him. 6906 or 5906? Can someone confirm the square frame 5906 and 6906 have the same length dust cover? If so, I'll source a 6906 blue gun mold since it has the short slide/barrel.
    If the 6906 is what will work, I can tell you Tony already has a mold for that.
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    I've owned and shot a whole HERD of 3rd Gen S&Ws in 9mm, 40, 45 and 10mm (only one of those). They were all pretty, and felt good in the hand, with good-to-great triggers, an boring reliability. Unfortunately, very few of them show worth a poop, from an accuracy perspective, and I ABHOR slide-mounted controls of any kind. Hopefully yours will shoot as good as it looks - keep us posted!

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    Re: accuracy.

    These guns are a mixed bag ergonomically. Some folks can run them well. Some can't hit a patch of county dirt from inside the borders with one.

    Case in point; I can run a double stack S&W auto well. Hand me a 1006/4506/4566 and I'll be using it as a bludgeon, cause then I'd actually hit something .

    Next, the parts situation isn't something to be ignored. Seems the S&W mothership's response to a broken Third Gen is a voucher towards an M&P of the users choice.

    Further, otherwise minor parts are getting VERY tough to find. 4506/645 guiderods are starting to become unobtanium, to say nothing about side plates and other proprietary components.

    Which is why my beautiful, police rollmarked 4006 is a frequent resident of my safe instead of my holster.
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    I am a huge fan of the 3rd Gen Smith Performance Center pistols. They are built and fitted like semi-custom 1911s. The triggers are excellent and the accuracy is amazing. While many are competition oriented, some are very service focused such as the "Shorty" series. I have a PC 5906 meant for IDPA and service use, the PC 5906 IDPA. Here it is pictured alongside my S&W PC 3566 Limited and an Ed Brown.

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    Some pictures taken by the original owner of my 5906

    Titanium coated and hand fitted Briley bushing for barrel to slide fit

    Here is the slide to frame fit as well as the seller's toes.

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    I have always lusted after a 5904. I like the lightweight frame and any self respecting handgun needs to be blued or black.

    I wanted one when I started working PT in security in 1992, but as a newlywed and a FT rookie paramedic, price was unobtanium to me then.

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    I've always kind of preferred TDA pistols but I have next to zero experience with the Smiths. I recently passed up a 5906 in favor of a HK USP for about 70 bucks more. Kind of regretting that. Don't know how well the Smith would perform but the HK is disagreeing with me a bit.
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    Update on sightsÖ

    Contacted Trijicon direct and they agreed to tool up and make me a front night sight to fit this model. Appears they havenít had a request for this specific model number sight in years, but they made it anyway. It took about 2 months to show up and fit was spot on.

    10-8 performance has a U-notch rear for Novak style 1911ís that also fits some 3rd Gens. Fitting required is the key phrase hereÖit took a ton of filing but Iím happy with it now.

    Overall, I like the new sights and wanted to show a couple more options out there for these pistols.

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    Love that gun. I have a pair of 3913s that I use for my primary and spare carry guns. Had Trijicon night sights put on the first, and the smith said he hopes I'm happy with the rear, because he doesn't want to ever try to change it. Took a lot of fitting. Gonna get a matching set installed in the other later this year.

    If I'd run across that 5903, I probably wouldn't be running a SIG as my bigger gun.

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