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Thread: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 3rd Gen S&W

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony1911 View Post
    Was this a square or round trigger guard 4506? I ask because Ms.1911 has one of those, and holsters are kind of difficult to find. If P226 holsters fit, well that'll make it easy.

    (I've shot the piece a few times and I think it's awesome. Good trigger, very accurate, ridiculously low recoil... The grip is pretty large though. And I suppose it would be heavy as a carry gun. But as a shooter, daymn... Great gun!)

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    Square. Beretta 92 leather holsters also fit, so Miami Vice cosplayers are in luck.
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    Alas, at least Bianchi Accumold holster for the 92 did not fit. Almost, but the trigger guard is a tad smaller on the 92. (This experiment was brought to you by the UK who sold a bunch of not much used holsters as surplus. As the surplus store I saw the holster in didn't really know what the holster was for, I got one for not very much. Was worth the try...)

    Anyways, thank you folks for the leather holster tips. I shall keep an eye on those. (I did buy her a custom made holster, but it's always good to have spares.)

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    What me Worry?

    The hunt for Smith 3rd gen accessories is part of the joy of owning these classics. I have more holsters than guns. They are out there and available for the diligent searcher. EBay often has some and the Smith & Wesson forum is also a good resource. I just bought two DiSantis leather holsters, one for the medium frame semis and one for a J frame from a S&W forum member.

    While you are unlikely to find one at your local gun shop, a bit of sleuthing will get you what you need.


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    For you Smith 39xx fans, there's a 3913TSW for sale over on the S&W forum that looks nice.
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    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP972 View Post
    For a while there, WV State Police, Kalifornia Highway Patrol, and perhaps a few other agencies, were holding S&W's feet to the fire, saying they didn't want no steenkin' M&P and if the firm could not supply them with 3rd Gen pistols, they would go elsewhere. I was told S&W grudgingly agreed, but moved all the tooling to the Houlton, ME facility.

    Wonder if that is still the case?

    Isnít the RCMP still using the 5946?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deputyG23 View Post
    Isnít the RCMP still using the 5946?

    I tried researching this but couldn't find any solid data.

    RCMP is a large force, but my understanding is S&W no longer makes 3rd gens period.

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    I was in Vancouver in 2018 and I'm 95% sure I saw 3rd gens in cop holsters at the airport--stainless, black grips, silhouette looked about right for a 59XX. I don't think airport cops are part of the RCMP... but... seems like the guns are still in service there. Also pretty sure I saw a 3rd gen in an NYPD holster when I was in NYC this spring.

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    Still kicking myself for not picking up that 1076 in 1994 for $500...

    Aims still has 6906s for $349. Dunno how much longer I can resist.


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    S&W model 59

    Back in '77-'78 I bought the above captioned pistol. It was my first pistol, blue finish. I had to send it back in for service due to the pistol's inability to be 100% reliable with JHP. I was using the Remington hollow point at the time. Not too many options back then. Seems like it was a known issue at the time. Got the pistol back and it was 100% thereafter. The 5906 I have now keeps me contented with that generation pistol. If you ever look at the frame from a machining aspect, the frame is a wonder of engineering and execution.

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