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Thread: Benefits to taking Glock Armorers Courses ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP972 View Post
    Its kind of like my upcoming trip to GunSite. You must start out with their basic class; I could possibly get a waiver for one of the advanced classes, but my wife could not. So we'll do the basic "this is a gun, the bullets come out of this end and we'll go from there" offering. I don't expect to learn much, if anything. No doubt there will be a few nuggets of info to be gleaned, but mainly I'll coast through it. My wife, OTOH, although she is no cherry at this, should learn a tremendous amount. I know, that sounds arrogant on my part, but there it is.
    Consider it a refresher on the Weaver stance.

    Okie John

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    I enjoyed the class. Here's what I got from it:

    2 specific disassembly/reassembly techniques:
    1) A precise way to put the trigger bar back into the housing that avoids having the trigger spring get bumped and the hook stuck in a bad spot. Of course, they didn't mention it avoids this failure mode, but having been bit by this issue myself I appreciated the official way of doing things.
    2) A specific way to install/remove the mag catch which was way easier than the usual scratching around with the wrong tool. I hadn't seen it like this before online, but I'm sure you could find it somewhere on youtube or find the armorer's manual online.

    A memorable set of field function/safety checks to ingrain into habit. I've since augmented these myself, but I still do the basic thing as my check routine, and it's much nicer than trying to remember all the things that need to be checked.

    The very nice printed armorer's manual.

    A chance to dryfire and field strip all sorts of cool glocks like the cutaway, the sims G17, the "red" G17 (resetting practice model), and the G18.

    Cool information and stories from the instructor. I value this sort of thing. Also some cool info on changes over the years, although, something like Sweeney's Glock book probably has more.

    Some free swag, a takedown tool and armorer's slide cover plate. A branded microstream for a few dollars less than unbranded retail price. A cool patch.

    Certificate is nice resume padding, depending on what you're doing.

    The ability to go to the advanced armorer's class after a period of time, which I understand to be the real armorer's class. My probation timer hasn't gone off yet, but I'm very much looking forward to going.

    I was brand new to Glocks, I'm very happy in a classroom, like to tinker, etc. so it was a no-brainer for me. If you're looking to save $450, yea you probably don't need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    Consider it a refresher on the Weaver stance.

    Okie John
    ... while shooting isosceles...


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    On a whim I looked up Glock Armorer's Classes near me, and dang if one didn't pop up. I qualify by being a GSSF member. Cost to attend was $250, 1 day, plus travel and expenses (easy drive for me).

    I did a search to bump this old thread. Given five years have elapsed, has the general sense of taking the class, enumerated above, changed all that much?

    I'm on the fence here. I can afford the cost and the time. I can also disassemble a Glock down to individual components, and get it back together. I learned this the hard way, by practicing on my own, and watching online videos. I've owned four Glocks, and still have two of them. On this basis, I think while it would be a cool experience, I'm not sure given the preceding that my knowledge base would be increased such that it'd be worth it for me, but I would appreciate anyone's view who has maybe taken the class, lately, with any updates.


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    I'd say it's worth the effort. I wouldn't mind taking it again just to see what's been updated in the intervening years.

    If nothing else, it's a good opportunity to see some things you shouldn't do with equipment you're not responsible for fixing later.
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    I just completed Armorer and Advanced Armorer this week in Fort Worth. Dennis Tueller did a great job with the class. It was about my 7th or 8th Armorer and my second Advanced (first in 1996). Great information and the advanced is a nice deep dive into troubleshooting, diagnosis and knowledge acquisition on the many variations of parts and upgrades over the years.
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    Great to hear Dennis is still at it! I had three re-certs with him over the years, but haven't seen him in a while.. Always an honor.

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    Thanks for all the input. I went ahead and registered for the basic 1 day Armorers Class in Winter Garden FL on 10 November as a GSSF member. Will post back on the experience when complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    Thanks for all the input. I went ahead and registered for the basic 1 day Armorers Class in Winter Garden FL on 10 November as a GSSF member. Will post back on the experience when complete.
    The Glock basic armorer course is solid and you will learn stuff you can't/won't get from youtube derp.

    Additionally, it provides you the following:

    The Glock factory armorer manual, a Glock parts/price catalog and access to purchase parts, etc. at a discount, direct from Glock.

    Is the pre-requisite to attend the Advanced armorer course, which is an excellent course.
    Note: if the Advanced course is something you're interested in, you don't necessarily have to wait the stated "X" years to attend.
    Once you have your basic course certificate in hand, call Glock and ask about attending the Advanced course and they will give you the contact info/email to the director of training to ask for the ok.

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    I get to fix lots of guns thanks to the You Tube Armourers out there
    Welcome to Africa, bring a hardhat.

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