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Thread: Gauge Pic Thread

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    My 870 SBS had a factory length Wingmaster stock. As did my Waupun Prison Stevens 520 clone. A chop saw and a Miles Gilbert recoil pad installation fixture gave me two shotguns with roughly 12.5" LOP. They are pictured with a 1301 Comp Pro w/ Aimpoint Micro (the easiest to hit with shotgun I have ever fired - 43/50 the first round of Sporting Clays I used it for. Close to a personal record.).

    The second pic is the 520 broken down. I plan on making a small case that will hold the shotgun and 15 rounds as a traveling companion.

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    I always wanted to do that to a Winchester 1897 or 12... 18” barrel, that can be taken down to smaller that my TAC-14’s OAL.

    If there was a way to have the tube left loaded... that would make it an awesome truck gun. Lock the barrel on, cycle action, and ready to go.

    Shocked that shotgun companies never brought that feature back in modern times. You’d think it would be developed better... just look at Ruger’s takedown systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDFA View Post
    My new Benelli M2 Tactical. I added the GG&G 3 Shot Extension and Light Mount, Inforce 800 Lumen Light, Wilderness Giles Sling, Vang Comp Spare Card Sidesaddle and a Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip stock with Limbsaver Pad. I need to find out who has Federal FC in stock.

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    It's complete now. I added the Scalarworks SYNC Mount and a Trijicon RMR.

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    @NH Shooter

    You are killing it with the tactical sleepers. Keep it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NH Shooter View Post

    16 gauge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WDR View Post
    16 gauge?
    Yes, the saddle is available in 12, 16 and 20 gauge.

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    My Vang former Phoenix PD SAU/SWAT gun finally came home

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