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Thread: dove's Training Journal: Repeated, Demoralizing Failure

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    16 mins

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    Quit slacking. I wanna see some 21+ minute dry fire sessions.
    i used to wannabe

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    15 mins

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    Personal Training:

    1 hr

    Back squat (175 lbs, 6 reps, 175 lbs, 6 reps, 190 lbs, 4 reps, 205 lbs, 3 reps), ab wheel rollouts (6 reps), chin ups (bodyweight, ~4 reps each (max)), barbell RDL (135 lbs, 6 reps).

    I was shocked to see my chinup count lower than my pullup count. That's a first in my entire life. Though, the ab rollouts really beat me so that might be part of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dove View Post
    Tracker FG

    I got them and had to swap for a bigger size. For both the Primus Road and the Tracker FG, no one had exactly the size I think I needed in stock, based on the EU marking on other shoes I own. On the Primus, I've gotten away quite well with going one EU size down, and I'm very happy with them. On the Tracker FG that was absolutely too tight. I swapped for one EU size up from what I needed (so a jump of 2 EU sizes), and I am very happy with them now.

    Let me know if you want any extra details. Happy to bore you
    The tracker fg's are the exact model I was looking at. I would love to hear your opinion once you get some time on them. I haven't found many options for minimalist shoes for winter that look halfway decent. The frackers look sharp. I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes but I can see the value and am considering it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1776United View Post
    The tracker fg's are the exact model I was looking at. I would love to hear your opinion once you get some time on them. I haven't found many options for minimalist shoes for winter that look halfway decent. The frackers look sharp. I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes but I can see the value and am considering it.
    Will do. I have a couple days on them but I should probably give it at least a week or two before I say anything. Having said that, based on how difficult it was to get sizes and looking at Amazon's stock, I have a hunch that it is getting phased out or something, so you might want to buy sooner than later. I'm not really into any of their other boots, and this one fills a unique niche for me so I jumped on it and was willing to live with a possible compromise.

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    I shoot with only one eye open. A long time ago there were periods where I switched back and forth before settling on this, mostly before I started practicing frequently.

    Occasionally, I have tried playing with "Gabe Vision" without much luck. Last night I was doing some more playing and figured this was worth mentioning here:

    I'm mildly nearsighted. I'm teetering on the pass/fail of most driving eye tests, probably in part due to mild astigmatism in one eye, but truth be told I and all of my eye doctors have agreed that my vision is good enough to drive without glasses. Having said that, I always wear glasses when I drive. Glasses make the difference of being able to read things past arms length more clearly. I can recognize people by face across the street without my glasses, but reading street name signs and other precise tasks at a distance necessitate the glasses. I could almost certainly go a whole day without glasses, but I choose to wear them whenever I am out and about because I find they offer me a very significant benefit in being able to discern details at a distance. However, I take my glasses off as a matter of preference whenever reading, using a computer, using my phone, at meals, sitting at a table with others, at the office, and so on. I can easily do these tasks with them on, but I like to minimize where I wear my glasses as much as possible, especially in situations emphasizing close visual focal distances, as I think it's healthier for my vision and my doctor agrees.

    I shoot with prescription inserts in my safety glasses and I dryfire with my glasses on because I feel that, were I ever to have to use a firearm outside of a bump-in-the-night scenario, my glasses would almost certainly be on.

    If I take my glasses off, I can shoot with both eyes open pretty readily. In fact, if I target focus and then bring the sights up to my dominant eye, I almost automatically achieve "Gabe Vision". It seems that the front sight distance is roughly the maximum distance that my eye can sharply focus on, so it is effortless to hold the front sight in sharp focus and it will happen automatically if I look at anything further away than it.

    If I put my glasses on, achieving Gabe Vision is very hard, if not impossible. I can force my eyes to focus closer without changing convergence, but it feels like it's a spring loaded effect and it tends to snap back. Also, if I try to retract my accommodation close enough, my eyes will automatically cross and lose the convergence on the target. I think this is because my glasses, being nearsighted, effectively move everything closer to me. So, trying to focus on the front sight or closer with my glasses on is equivalent to trying to focus on something very close up with my glasses off, and perhaps Gabe Vision is just tougher to achieve when at the limits of focal ability. (FWIW, I just did a quick check and it seems like my minimum focal distance with my glasses on is about 2 inches. It doesn't seem much different with my glasses off, so maybe this is all BS.)

    Wearing my glasses, the target basically always goes double when I go to use the sights if I keep both eyes open. Worse, it's not two disjoint images where I can block one out. They overlap, which challenges my perception of where my sights truly are on the target.

    By shooting with one eye closed, I have a method that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time: glasses on, glasses off, lively eyes, lazy eyes, good day, bad day, etc. However, I wonder if I'm short changing myself. I wonder if I should really try harder to shoot with both eyes open with my glasses on. I wonder if I should spend time practicing with both eyes open without my glasses on.

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    15 mins

    Almost no botched reloads. Making some progress.

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    Personal Training:

    1 hr

    Sumo deadlift (245 lbs, 6 reps; 225 lbs, 6 reps; 235 lbs, 4 reps; 240 lbs, 3 reps), inverted row (6 reps, 4 sec hold at top), bench press (135 lbs, 6 reps; 135 lbs, 6 reps; 150 lbs 2-3 reps (max); 150 lbs 2 reps (max)), elevated single leg glute bridges (6 reps, 2 sec hold at top).

    Sumo deadlift killed me. I went really heavy on the first working set and strained my back just a little (trainer said I looked pretty flat, but I felt it afterwards when I laid down for the row). We ended up having to drop a lot of weight off that.
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    2017-01-11 Weekly Practice

    2017-01-11 Weekly Practice w/ eyemahm and guest

    150 rds

    Had an old friend in town join us.

    5 to 3" @ 7 yds: clean

    5 to 3" @ 7 yds: -1

    Core Drills @ 3 yds:

    P1 x 10: clean
    D2 x 10: -2
    P4 x ~9: -3

    Relatively good here. Didn't bring out the timer because we had less range space to work with (i.e. more false positives, more annoying for person right next), but I still intend to bust that back out for core drills when possible to start training a less tense response to the beep.

    The down -2 on D2 were actually both the same string and it actually ended up being a reload (D1R1).

    5 to 3" @ 7 yds: clean

    LC-SRT: 90

    18: -5
    15: -2
    D5: -1B -1H
    D3: -1H

    Totally bombed it at 18 without much feedback why. A few bad ones at 15 too. This immediately put me into the territory of nearly failing (under 90) which neither of eyemahm nor I have actually had happen yet AFAIK, assuming DQ hits get counted as -2, and we routinely tease each other about.

    In spite of that I ended up having my cleanest LC-SRT ever from 10 and in, while still being very quick (2.9x and 3.0x on draw/step 7 yds clean), until I got to 5 yards. Of course, on the last 4 strings, the easiest strings, I'd start working towards the 4 misses needed to fail In all honesty the misses weren't terribly bad here and I shouldn't be so hard on myself. The -1B at 5 was the one marked just high of the circle, and the head misses are the two just above the card. It was frustrating though because I took an extra split second to be more disciplined on my first draw/step 3yd string and still missed, despite that historically being the easiest string.

    In any event, you can bet I really took my time to be super disciplined on the sight picture for my last string and made a center T hit in 1.99s, just a hundredth under the on-paper par time

    I'm pretty sure I know what led to the dismal performance on the long range portion. Probably as a result of the way I've been dryfiring on the 3" dots at 3 yds, I noticed myself keeping the target in sharp focus and using a peripheral awareness of the sight alignment and picture to do all of my shooting. To be clear, the sight were in full view, covering the appropriate place on the target and taking up most of my vision, but my eyes were focused on looking past/through them at the target. This technique works really well to get fast hits on big targets up close, and I've been inadvertently developing it a lot lately, but I need to train myself to get a sharper sight focus on smaller targets especially at a distance and regain confidence in the face of not being able to see the target behind my sights. This is the same issue that is effecting my group shooting and inability to call shots. I noticed this when I made some improvements on my third 5 round group at 7.

    Despite the really bad performance, I think it ultimately was an excellent experience, because it immediately put me under massive pressure for the duration of the LC-SRT and I succeeded in overcoming the psychological challenge and just shooting naturally. Considering how clean I shot the rest of it, this may be the first time I've had that magnitude of an improvement in my ability to execute good technique naturally under pressure. Having a guest on the range was probably also an extra psychological factor. So, in terms of lessons learned and progress made, I think I have a lot of positive things to look back on for this performance.

    5 to 3" @ 10 yds: -4

    5 to 3" @ 10 yds: -2

    This was a bizarre one. Leaving off from the last crappy group at 10, I succeeded in getting myself to relax and shoot with the stillness and some of the confidence of my dryfire slowfire. Lo an behold, I pulled off a group that'd fit in a 1" 10! But it was way high and a bit right....bizarre. I have no idea why. It could not have been the hold because if anything I was hedging a touch by holding slightly lower.

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    Throughout practice, I had some success doing a better job of focusing on the "exact spot" (as Plaxco says) on the target I wanted to hit before transitioning to my sights and firing. I also had a few successful automatic reps of my new reload that I've been working so much in dryfire.

    Considering the totality of the circumstances, I'm going to reallocate some effort into working on my sight focus. To do so I'm going to scale back on the amount of reload work in dryfire, start working at 5 yds instead of 3, and add in some transitions as I think they are a good venue for working on target acquisition and transitioning to sight focus. I'll probably reallocate some core drill rounds to transitions too, but I still intend to work at 3 yds for those.

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