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Thread: dove's Training Journal: Repeated, Demoralizing Failure

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    Well, I didn't succeed on 5 lol...yet.

    To be fair, the website says you should probably only have 1 or 2 in a training set if your max set is 12, if I read it correctly. So, I'm feeling pretty good about being at 4, considering my max set is 9-10 (I've done 11 once or twice).

    Armstrong ( Day 5: Repeat day of choice. They say to do the one you had the most difficulty with.
    I always repeat day 1: 5 sets max effort, 90s rest between each. Today I did 10, 6, 4, 3.5, 3 + 3 negatives. I didn't max the negatives and I'm generally reluctant to because that's when my form sags and I end up putting a lot of weight on my fingers...I really don't want the trigger finger coming back.

    I'm pretty happy with tonight. This is what I consider a fair/good night for max effort right now, which is good, because I had a few drinks tonight and normally that makes my reps suffer. I pumped a bit faster than usual, and I'm hoping my form didn't suffer. My better half says I looked fine. :zing: Whereas I do worse on nights I drink, I definitely find I do better on the nights I come home from jiu jitsu. A real warmup seems to really matter. Pushups after waking up almost certainly suffer from lack of warmup, and pullups at night are not far behind.

    Might have to push pushups to the afternoon tomorrow since we're hitting the steel match tomorrow early and I should probably "catch up" on rest with the few hours I have left.

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    Hit the steel match today. Jotted down thoughts to post here tomorrow along with Wednesday's practice.

    Another early, long, active day on little sleep. Felt exhausted, overheated, etc. walking through the door, but the show must go on...

    Pushups: Wk 3, Col 3, Day 3 ( 22, 30, 20, 20, max (at least 28), 120s rest between each
    Completed first 4 sets with 4m, 4m, and 6m rest in between respectively. Sets 2 and 3 were killer, 4 wasn't as bad. Rested 8m before attempting max set: 20 pushups, 9 knee pushups, 5 coffee-table pushups, 11 knee hands-on-couch pushups, 15 wall pushups.

    Going to an imperial stout party is probably the last thing I should do right now. And yet...

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    2015-10-14 Weekly Practice

    Weekly Practice with eyemahm

    I was running brand new sights (replaced Defoor front with orange TCAP), a brand new holster (JRC AIWB-CDA-II), and a new slightly different holster position. I found that the CDA's loop allows it to sit a bit closer to the centerline without major rearrangement, and it conceals better there, so I pushed it there. I'll talk about my relationship with the CDA when I've had more time with it, but so far it's mixed. I'm considering moving it to 12:00. In any event, a bunch of gear that is just different enough to fuck with your head a little. There were a few times during practice when I think this caused me to fuck up in identifiable ways, but for the most part my suck this night was my usual suck.

    Drills in order:

    FAST 1: COLD 12.14
    7.14 raw, -2 head, -1 body
    2.26 draw
    1.11 head split
    2.92 reload

    The new holster position caused me to get a very low grip on the gun, but I just ran with it. I can't help but feel that that's part of the reason for the low shots, and yet, this sort of picture (see below) is pretty typical for my cold FASTs.

    Yes, the drop is the same for both the head and the body....yes that means you could raise this a constant amount and it'd be a nearly clean 7.14 Micro FAST...and yet that is nowhere near the sort of performance I am capable of right now. I get the feeling I have something seriously wrong with my grip, or trigger control, or something, and that I could reap huge benefits if it were fixed. If I were a nightly prayer person, there'd be a whole lot of prayers for a Culpepper II clogging up traffic up there.

    Dot Torture: 43 @ 5 yds
    My hand seriously flinched once on dot 7 right before I pulled the trigger, sending that one into dot 4. Otherwise, the rest is very typical me. In fact, I have more 44's scored at 5 yards than any other score there (44 is also my best). However, I used to have more down in the 2 hand and more up in the 1 hand. The miss in dot 4 was partially sights, I believe I ended up driving the dot, which is very tempting with these sights, hence the high shot.

    My strong hand / weak hand is total crap. Worse than in the past. I don't work it at all, as it is not a very high priority for me right now. I should try to do more SIRT work on that throughout the week like I used to. My hands literally shake out there, and recoil causes me to bend my elbow and totally lose my sights. It's really bad.

    30 rounds to dots @ 7 yards: 10 to check zero, 20 draws
    Just to make sure the TCAP has the same POA/POI as the Defoor front, and that driving the dot doesn't work, I tried driving the dot to dot 1 (see below). Yep, expected.
    For dots 2 and 3 (each 10 shots), I did draws but went back to my usual sight alignment, which is sort of halfway between the top edge of the sight and the top edge of the tritium vial, I think.

    Bill Drill 1: 4.46
    3.46 raw, -2
    1.95 draw

    Scoring Note: Scoring for this seems to be controversial. SLG advocates for "clean or fail". Bill Drill 2 is scored with IDPA scoring. The local IDPA community has a tendency to shoot this with IDPA scoring during practice as a competitive test. That's really the context we took it from, so we score it as +0.5s per point down. eyemahm and I don't usually miss terribly bad, but if we do we'll call those -3, e.g. out of the bottle. Otherwise, it's -1. This is what we find most useful for us.

    I tried driving the dot here thinking that, based on my check before, it'd only put me an inch or two high so I'd be fine......big mistake apparently? I never shoot Bills high like this....

    Also, trigger freeze on the draw and on the 3rd shot. Very weird. Maybe my brain was uncomfortable with the sight picture.

    Bill Drill 2: 4.00
    4.00 raw, clean
    1.74 draw

    Massive trigger freeze and my arms shaking. This is extremely unusual for me... I don't think I've ever had trigger freeze two drills in a row. Went back to my usual sight picture though and now the shots were fine. In the pic below, X's are the shots from the first Bill.

    Bill Drill 3: 5.95
    3.45 raw, -3 one of which was really bad
    2.12 draw

    I'm almost never high on Bill drills, or in general. What the hell is going on. I suspect sights are fucking with my head. I probably just need to get used to the new picture. The square profile in addition to the dot and the extension of the orange all the way down really make me want to shoot it differently. Plus, last time I shot a TCAP (i.e. on my G19), it was a drive the dot picture. Even so, this is just really bad shooting here; terrible group size.

    My worst Bill drill ever. Or at least in a very long time. Even if you call the out-of-the-bottle shot a -1.

    DotW 133 "Shapes"
    CCT, I know it's called "Finding Your Level", but eyemahm and I have been calling it "Shapes" forever. We used to shoot this 3 times per practice, but haven't used it as much lately, since we felt our sight tracking was such crap that it was equivalent to drilling the FAST as opposed to working on the elements. Excellent drill though. A favorite.

    Quote Originally Posted by dove View Post
    G17 Gen4

    I "know" I can clean Level 1. But I've grown to become a big proponent of answering questions like "can you do X?" with just trying to do X then and there and finding out for real. So, in that vein, here is me shooting Level 1 clean twice, on demand.

    Now for the business. I struggle with Level 2 a lot, and always have. I always shoot from smallest to largest. The 2" dot is almost always the worst for me, which makes no sense since I feel I do better shooting dots at 7 yds and Dot Torture at 5 yds all the time. I rarely clean it.

    Well there's a first time for everything. I shot the 2" clean in the par time, and fucked everything else up. Unbelievable. I had terrible technique on the 3" and 4". Especially the 4": I could feel myself just wiggling the gun at the target and slapping away with no care for sights or trigger.

    -1, clean, -2, -2
    2.65s on #4; rest in par time

    DotW 132 "iHack"

    Quote Originally Posted by dove View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dove View Post
    I can hit 2/3 in the par time without trouble.
    Apparently I'm full of shit.

    4, 2, 5, 4, 4 = 21/45, but eyemahm and I think I jumped the timer on one or two, so it is probably 19/45

    It was hard not to rush into trying to get 3/3, and I definitely ended up rushing that way a lot. But, I tried to just shoot for 2/3 in the par and to actually hit the 3rd, at whatever pace I could.
    Ended up with 0/3 3 times, 1/3 5 times, and 2/3 7 times. Hits look better though.

    Taped rounds count, we just couldn't see new shots after a while.

    FAST 2: 9.03
    8.03 raw, -1 body
    2.38 draw
    3.20 reload

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    hit the image limit, here's more

    FAST 3: 8.14
    8.14 raw, clean
    2.87 draw
    3.03 reload

    Still had some ammo so..
    Bill Drill 4: 3.71
    3.71 raw, clean
    2.18 draw

    3 shots to "A" dot @ 10 yds
    eyemahm and I tied.
    Missed the first one, snagged the second two just barely. The .125" wide front is a bit harder do targets of this size/distance with than the .115", but not terrible. I think the tradeoff is reasonable. As a note, I find I need to use a shifting/intermediate focus to do this sort of precision shooting. My eyes cannot see the dot at all if I focus on the front sight. (I didn't verify that this time, but I have come to this conclusion in the past during our end-of-practice antics.)

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    I have to leave, so thoughts from steel challenge will have to wait until Tuesday likely.
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    In regards to sight tracking and control in general. I found it helpful to co witness a laser to my POA at say 7 yards. Then either through slow motion video or the carefull eye of a range buddy, determine what grip pressure and techniques yield the best results by watching the apex of the laser. This is done aimed in and not from the holster. Does shooting at full extension yield better results than backed off several inches? What is a stronger position? Elbows out like a chicken wing, elbows more down, combo of both? Chin parallel to ground, or tactical turtle? A laser is a cheap investment compared to ammo and it can give you so much data about what exactly your muzzle does durring recoil.
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    Great suggestion. I should definitely invest in a rail laser for the G17 for this purpose. I should probably do a little research, but maybe a Crimson Trace Rail Master or something similar.

    Armstrong ( Day 1: 5 sets max effort, 90s rest between each set.
    11.5, 6.5, 4, 4, 3 + 3 negatives.

    For reference, I count a 0.5 when I pull up beyond a 90 degree elbow bend but don't succeed in getting my chin over the bar. Also, I have been trying my best not to raise my chin, but rather to pull up until my chin is over the bar while still looking straight on.

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    Steel Challenge match
    250 rounds through my G17, 5 stages plus ran 2 or so stages a second time
    Ran another 2 stages with eyemahm's USP Expert and ammo

    Overall, with a few minor hiccups, the environment was pretty chill. One of those hiccups was the prohibition against cover garments (and we even had to do some convincing that AIWB was legal at all). This lead to chill becoming chilly because eyemahm and I were forced to shoot the stages in just our undershirts, then pile up on sweatshirts in between stages. Fortunately I wore an undershirt that day...

    We got some AIWB hassle, including one USPSA RO who insisted it was not legal in USPSA...which of course was explained to me while I was in the middle of explaining to someone else why we left IDPA and were thinking about USPSA...sigh. Otherwise, the people and environment were very relaxed and nice. Much more enjoyable than IDPA. No fussy procedurals, no fussy protocol, no gamer clothing, and spray painting targets is way easier than taping. Not to mention, I heard tons of people talking about CCW stuff...way more than I ever heard at IDPA.

    I shot the first string cold and nailed it. After that, everything went to shit. eyemahm and I scored about the same, with him edging me out, but I wasted way more ammo. I missed a lot. On average I missed 2 shots per string.

    After my good, cold string, my draw started feeling really awkward. I don't think it was the holster, as that wasn't an issue at practice. It may have been the lack of a cover garment. I tried to mimic the motion with my left hand with varying levels of success, but every time I drew I had this impending feeling of awkwardness.

    As described elsewhere, I also still need to convince my brain to shoot these sights like the Defoors and not to focus on and drive the dot. That said, at some point during the match, I realized I hadn't noticed how the Ameriglo orange paint was performing. I must not have been holding a hard front sight focus. I took a few dry presentations before the next stage, focused on focussing, and performed much better for a few strings. I can also now say with confidence that the orange is awesome. I'd still like to see it against brown cardboard though.

    My failure did leave me with one very big take-home thought:

    All of these stages were at further distances than we normally practice. We'd walk them ahead of time to get a feel for how far. To summarize how my brain handled that, I found I was looking at the actual target size (say 10" plate), getting a mental feeling for what acceptable shooting was on said target from my experience, and then modifying that for what my eyes told me the distance was. This is fraught with issues. I don't have experience with these distances in the first place, but one is also doomed to make errors in visually estimating target size and distance.

    Instead, at some point, it dawned on me that I was doing this and I tried an experiment by comparing my front sight to one of the targets. I found that, angularly speaking, it was closer to the 2" dots at 5 yards that I shoot in Dot Torture. Then I thought about my Dot Torture pace. Holy crap. I was going way too fast/sloppy.

    I think for shooting, it would be best to develop an ability to judge targets by their angular size, using the front sight as a reference. Within 50 yards, that's pretty much all that matters. Distance and absolute target size don't mean crap, so why does my brain think in those terms? I think it's because it desperately wants to use all the info it has on hand, visual cues, info from walking the stage, etc. That's how our eyes work. But I think for shooting pace, it'd be much more useful to forget all that info and just see the world as a 2D surface of abstract shapes.

    How this concept would translate to the two-way range seems complicated though, because your brain will need to care about all that info for other purposes, and I imagine it's pretty hard to see, for example, a person's head as an abstract shape as opposed to a known target with known size.

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    Weekly practice is not happening tomorrow because of a preexisting higher priority. This week is booked with other commitments for me. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get out on the weekend to shoot.

    Pushups: Wk 3, Col 3, Day 1 ( 14, 18, 14, 14, max (at least 20), 60s rest between each
    Completed all sets with 2m rest between each. Max set: 20 pushups, 6 knee pushups, 4 coffee-table pushups, 11 knee hands-on-couch pushups, 10 wall pushups.

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    Pull ups
    Armstrong day 2: Upward pyramid. Start with 1 pullup, rest 10 seconds, 2 pullups, rest 20 seconds, 3 pullups, rest 30 seconds, and so on until failure. Then one more max set.
    Completed 7th set. Failed on 8th (only completed 3 pullups). Rested 80 seconds then completed 3 pullups and 5 negatives.

    Worth noting: I accidentally rested an extra 10 seconds after sets 4 and 5. Also, I barely squeaked out the 7th pullup in set 7.

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