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Thread: dove's Training Journal: Repeated, Demoralizing Failure

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    Personal Training:

    1 hr

    Barbell deadlift: 1 rep; started at 150 kg, worked up to 160 kg, mixed grip
    Rest 1m
    Barbell deadlift (explosive): 3 reps explosive; 110 kg
    Rest 3m

    Pull ups, band assisted (explosive): 6 reps
    Rear-foot-elevated split squat (explosive): 4 reps each side; 2x35 lbs
    Turkish getups: 4 reps each side, 15 lbs

    New record for deadlift. 150 and 155 moved very easily. I'm doing better about pulling myself into the bar and immediately lifting.
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    Solo Workout:

    45 mins

    20s work, 40s rest, repeat 4x for each exercise

    2 min additional rest between exercises

    Kettlebell Swings: 50 lbs
    TRX Rows
    Box Squats: 40 lbs

    Plus warmup and correctives.

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    12 mins

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    2017-07-18 Weekly Practice

    2017-07-18 Weekly Practice w/ eyemahm

    150 rds

    5 to 3" @ 12.5 yds: -3

    5 to 3" @ 12.5 yds: -1

    Core Drills @ 5 yds:

    P1 x 10: clean
    D1 x 10: -3
    P2 x 10: clean
    1R1 x 8: -2
    P6 x 3: -2

    5 to 3" @ 12.5 yds: -1

    LC-SRT: 95

    18: -3
    7: -1H
    D3: -1H

    5 to 3" @ 12.5 yds: -1

    5 to 1" @ 7 yds: -4

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    Changed G17 trigger spring back to stock.

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    11 mins

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    Personal Training:

    1 hr

    Back Squat: 2 reps; 250 lbs
    Rest 1m
    Back Squat (Explosive): 5 reps; 175 lbs
    Rest 3m

    Plyo step up: 3 reps each side, alternating; 2x15 lbs
    Tall-kneeling band hip extension (Iso 2 sec at extension): 10 reps
    Ab wheel rollouts: 8 reps

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    Personal Training:

    1 hr

    Bench press: 2 reps; 185 lbs, 195 lbs, 205 lbs fail on second, 200 lbs fail on second
    Short rest
    Bench press (explosive): 5 reps explosive; 135 lbs
    Longer rest

    Plyo plate push ups: 6 reps
    Landmine bent row (Iso 1 sec at top): 6 reps; 90 lbs
    TRX reverse fly: 6 reps

    Farmer's Carry: ~40 yds; 2x75 lbs
    Rest 30s-1min

    I'm pretty convinced I have 205 lbs for 2 reps on bench, but I didn't set up well on that run and it burned me a bit. Needed assists for the second rep of the last two sets.

    In general, there are rests (usually 2-3 mins, sometimes more) at the end of every superset even if I don't list them here. I've only gotten into the habit of listing some of them lately if there's something unusual about them or if they follow a specific prescribed quantity.

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    Personal Training

    1 hr

    Warmup as usual and a bunch of correctives and troubleshooting shoulder.

    Barbell deadlift: 2 reps; 150 kg, mixed grip, all reps from dead stop and reset
    Barbell deadlift (explosive): 5 reps explosive; 100 kg

    Very tired. Earlier workout that usual. Not much sleep the past two days. Form wasn't perfect on a few of the 150 reps, and I expect to be feeling it in my lower back tomorrow. But, I'm happily surprised to see I was able to pull 150 for all 4 sets.

    My AC joint thing flared up yesterday morning after I woke up. I had slept on that shoulder for a while with my scap retracted thinking that was a better position based on how it felt---despite having felt evidence to the contrary in the past---and it ended up being worse. I'm tight/sore today from bench on Tuesday, so that might have been a factor too. Yesterday, I found that the only way to trigger the pain, besides dips as usual, was to clasp my hands and pull apart or to do bent-over reverse flies (no weight). The pain started at less than 45 degrees on the fly. Overhead movement doesn't seem to hit it---although we have plenty of evidence that that contributed to it first appearing---and nothing I do standing really seems to trigger it. My trainer and I carefully tried to reproduce some of this today, but to no effect. It may be that we did some pec-minor soft tissue work first, but I couldn't get the pain to trigger again the way I did yesterday. It was sore most of the day yesterday probably because I kept screwing around with it.

    The odd restricted set of things that trigger it has me thinking there's got to be a way to narrow it down further, but the internet hasn't been much help. I'm going to watch it, and may ultimately seek out a physical therapist in the near future if it continues to be a problem. My working theory right now is that sleeping with my scap retracted causes direct crushing pressure on the joint capsule there, which then swells and flares up, reducing the amount of space in that joint and creating a situation that is further triggered by certain extended-shoulder motions that lever on the joint. When it's not irritated, it's not a problem as the joint has more space. The sensitivity in general is probably deeply seeded in postural issues and was woken up by that explosive overhead day a while back. In particular, sitting at computers and other tasks that have had my shoulders extended forward for a long time. Bad bench form occasionally on heavy reps (elbows flaring) may be a contributing issue too. Sleeping with my shoulder extended however, basically laying on my scap, isn't as much a problem because it doesn't directly load that joint the way sleeping on the tip of my shoulder does.

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