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Thread: dove's Training Journal: Repeated, Demoralizing Failure

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    dove's Training Journal: Repeated, Demoralizing Failure

    Current primary shooting goals:

    High Priority:
    2.00s draw to 3x5 at 7 yds, measured by 4 week sliding average of draws from completely cold FASTs.
    1.75s draw to 8" at 7 yds, measured by 4 week sliding average of draws from the first Bill Drill of any practice. No body draws performed before said Bill Drill.

    7.00s FAST, cold, on-demand, measured as above
    3.00s Bill Drill on-demand, as above

    Clean Dot Torture on-demand at 5 yards. Performed immediately after cold FAST before any other shooting. Once I get to a sliding average of 49/50, I will move to 7 yards.

    Lower Priority:
    2.5s reload measured from cold FASTs as above. JMCK AIWB-SPMP with G17 mag with +2 extension.

    G17 Gen4
    No backstrap. Mostly stock.
    Had Defoor sights with painted front, just switched out front for an orange TCAP.
    Glock OEM "FBI" mag release
    Glock OEM maritime spring cups
    Grip tape on left side around frame pins and under slide stop lever.
    Glockmeister grip plug
    Was using RCS Eidolon. Now transitioning to JRC AIWB-CDA II.
    Training ammo is 115 gr Lawman solely. Carry ammo is 124gr +P Gold Dots.

    Have been running the G17 Gen4 exclusively since March 2015. Currently have 5600 rounds through it.

    Ran a G19 Gen4 exclusively from August 2014 to March 2015. Just under 4000 rounds through it. Switched for a number of reasons including but not limited to:
    - Much more confident with G17 grip
    - I can conceal a G17 almost as well
    - No BTF with G17 when I don't clean it


    I shoot once a week with eyemahm, 200 rounds. Sometime get some extra practice in a month. Used to do IDPA practice but left that for reasons. Weekly practices include the following tests: 3 FAST tests, 2 Bill drill tests, and one Dot Torture. FASTs and Bills are videoed. First thing is one FAST, then DT. The two Bills happen back-to-back somewhere in the middle. Last two FASTs happen back-to-back at the very end. I'll usually have an extra two rounds left over which get spent on trying to hit a tiny target from far away. Other details of weekly practices have been varying lately, so I'll wait another practice or two before posting those. However, they are regimented practices, not fuck-around-itis. The only hard and fast rule is that we never shoot any more FASTs than the three tests. Bill Drills and DT can serve as drills in addition to tests.


    My cold FASTs generally suffer from low shots. In many cases, I'll have a Novice cold FAST that would be Intermediate close to Advanced if you just moved all the shots up a fixed amount. This is slowly improving. My warm FASTs do not suffer with this nearly as much.

    For a very long time, I could not find a grip that would get my sights to drop back down on target without also causing me to push shots low. Once or twice I have found this magical grip (or maybe it's something else) but I can't recreate it. I use a very high and far out exaggerated Vogel-type grip. Everything else does crap for me. More recently, I have been able to get the sights to come back down on target without dropping shots while doing Bill Drills and similar sight-tracking fast shooting on large targets. However, running slow accurate fire like Dot Torture or the 3x5 shots on the FAST will not get the sights back on target. They hang up high until I manually aim back down.

    My draws to the head have been stuck in the 2.3-2.7 range for a while, and body at 2-2.3. It was kinda like I drew at the same speed for both head and body actually. I noticed that sometimes, when practicing just draws, I'd get down to 1.8 on the head for multiple draws in a row, but I couldn't repro that in the FAST. Similar thing happened with body draws. I realized how much my draw depends on the mental state I go into it with. Modifying this going into FASTs and Bill Drills I have just recently pulled out some of my best times, and finally have test-confirmed instances of my goal draws on camera. It's as if it happened overnight. We'll see if I can keep it up.

    I generally go through swings of really good and really bad shooting, often within a single practice. It's not that my technical shooting skills are high variance zero-or-hero type crap. Instead, I'll pull out some amazing thing, and do it 10+ times in a row, yet, not be able to reproduce that performance consistently otherwise. I suspect this is all in the mental game. Sometimes, I'll shoot total shit all practice, then get challenged or put in the spotlight for something and pull out performance that would impress me even on a good day.

    Trying to improve my grip, I went through a period of gripping the living shit out of my gun. At this time I was dry firing 4-5 days a week with a SIRT. In combination with pull ups 5 days a week, this left me with bad "trigger finger", especially in the mornings. I stopped dryfiring altogther. I loosened my grip. Trigger finger was worst after shooting days. At the end of the summer, I took 2 weeks off everything. Trigger finger is basically gone, but there is occasionally a morning I'll feel it almost coming back. Still haven't started dryfire back up yet.

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    Current primary fitness goals:

    20-25 no-shit, dead-hang pullups, on-demand
    70-100 no-shit pushups, on-demand

    Currently at 9-10 pullups. Using Armstrong program (Mon-Fri). I got from 0 to 3 on my own, then started the program before this summer. I have definitely seen improvements from it. My training sets are at 4 pullups now, but last week I did 15-16 training sets on Thu, so I'll probably try training sets of 5 on this Thu.

    Pushups are totally plateaued. I got from 12 or so to 35 or so on my own. Then I started the plan. Started on Week 3 Column 3 before this summer. Found I needed to double rest times. Finally broke Week 3 at some point after many many weeks. Someone watched my form in Week 4 and saw I wasn't going down far enough. I fixed my form and things went totally back to shit. i.e. I've made no progress, and the progress was actually my form getting worse. I dropped down to Column 2 to see if that'd be better. No luck after multiple weeks. Now I dropped back down to Week 3 Column 3. I can't complete it even with double rest times, but I've only tried it once so I'll give this a few weeks.

    I haven't done a max pushup test in a while, but last time I did I was still at 35-40, little to no improvement. My pushup form is pretty darn good now though. My pullup form is pretty killer in my opinion.

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    Glad to see this, looking forward to updates.
    But hey, the country is going to hell and we will all be in re-education camps in a year. So what the hell do I have to lose? - Sensei

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    Pull ups
    Armstrong day 2: Upward pyramid. Start with 1 pullup, rest 10 seconds, 2 pullups, rest 20 seconds, 3 pullups, and so on until failure. Then one more max set.
    Completed 6th set. Failed on 7th (only completed 2 pullups). Rested 70 seconds then completed 3 pullups.

    On the last successful pullup on each of of the last two sets, I felt like I let something go at the bottom, hence the inability to complete another, and the sudden drop off in reps. Not sure exactly what this was. It was sort of like when people who don't do dead hangs accidentally go to dead hang and then can't recover. However, I definitely go to full dead hang with fully relaxed shoulders as it is. I just went back to confirm that with another (non max) set of 6 or 7.

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    dove, I'm not overly qualified for this, but after meeting you at the carbine class I can tell you we have the same build. If you're lean and want to gain a lb of muscle you have to eat enough to at LEAST gain a pound, which sounds simple but people forget it.

    What is your diet like while working out? Any supplements?

    For me they make a big difference in my ability to make strength gains and recover. Lastly, I didn't start from where you are but lifting made a big difference for me as well on pullup/pushup numbers. Mixing it up so your body doesn't get used to it can make a difference on performance gains.

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    Yea, I'm definitely suspicious it's my diet at this point. Granted, I've gained 20 pounds since we met.

    For a while, I was having two 10g protein bars after workouts. As of a few weeks ago I replaced that with one 30g protein serving of ON Platinum hydrowhey powder mixed into water every morning and night. I drink the powder after working out on those days (3 mornings for pushups, 5 nights for pullups), but I still have it every morning and night even if I didn't work out. That wasn't the case a few weeks ago with the protein bars.

    Lately, I've been fitting in two meals per a day on top of the protein, which is a challenge already for me with my schedule. (Not that I don't like to eat or can't eat my fill...eyemahm's fridge can vouch for that.)

    Lifting is something I've talked about, but I don't want to do that without a coach. I don't have the budget to pay someone right now, and my schedule is filling up too now. Some leads I had fell through too unfortunately. In the meantime, I'm considering throwing on a weight vest for pushups and pullups, especially after I add a few more pullups to my max set.
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    Had weekly practice tonight. Plenty to post, with pics. However, it's really late now, and I have a bunch of long days ahead of me, so I'm going to postpone posting until tomorrow (hopefully).

    Regarding my weekly practice posts, I'm going to make sure every shot is accounted for in my posts, preferably with pictures. No excuses, no redos and "doesn't count"s.

    Armstrong ( Day 3: 3 training sets of pullups, 3 training sets of pinkies-touching chinups, 3 training sets of wide pullups, 60s rest between each set.
    Completed all sets with 4 reps per training set.

    Pullups and chinups were easy. Wide pullups were the hardest, as usual. A little cracking noise in my right deltoid/shoulder on last set or so. Right deltoid and armpit a bit sore for a few minutes afterwards. I'm going to try upping training sets to 5 reps tomorrow.

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    Pushups: Wk 3, Col 3, Day 2 ( 20, 25, 15, 15, max (at least 25), 90s rest between each
    Completed first 4 sets with 3m, 3m, and 4m rest in between respectively. Rested 6m before attempting max. Got 15 on max, then started my usual routine of immediately following that with max knee pushups, then max coffee-table pushups, then max knee hands-on-couch pushups, then max wall pushups, with little no rest between (just enough time to scribble score and get to next position). Got 9, 4, 13, 10, respectively.

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    Armstrong ( Day 4: Max number of training sets, 60s rest between each set. Target at least 9 sets.
    Tried for 5 pullups per training set for the first time. Made it through 4 sets. Won't let myself not do 9 sets of something so I finished the last 5 as follows: 4 pullups + 1 negative, 2 + 3, 2 + 3, 1.5 + 4, 0 + 6. Tried to go for more negatives on the last set but my arms let out on the 7th.

    Clearly not ready for 5 reps per training set yet.

    No time to log shooting yet. Maybe tomorrow, otherwise Sunday. eyemahm and I plan on hitting a local Steel Challenge match on Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dove View Post

    Armstrong ( Day 3: 3 training sets of pullups, 3 training sets of pinkies-touching chinups, 3 training sets of wide pullups, 60s rest between each set.
    Completed all sets with 4 reps per training set.

    Pullups and chinups were easy. Wide pullups were the hardest, as usual. A little cracking noise in my right deltoid/shoulder on last set or so. Right deltoid and armpit a bit sore for a few minutes afterwards. I'm going to try upping training sets to 5 reps tomorrow.
    Good progress... 5 is beastly.

    How can one make squash and ultimate frisbee sound this hardcore?

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